3 Easy Steps to Take Care of Wavy Hair

Generally, wavy hair is known as one of the most beautiful hair types. Through waves, you can make different looks of your hair. You can make them carefree, beachy, classy, and sleek. It is the best-known hair type for people. But, this type of hair needs extra care in comparison to normal hair. Usually, wavy hair is not straight or so curly. In other words, it is a situation between straight and curly hair. Based on hair type, the hairstylists at the best hair salon in Marathahalli take care of washing, styling, and maintaining your hair. Have a look at some caring tips for wavy hair:

1. Wash Wavy Hair

The first step to take care of wavy hair is to wash it. Compared to normal hair, you need to pay extra attention to washing wavy hair. It requires some extra care because of its uniqueness and attractiveness. Here are some steps included in the washing of wavy hair:

Always Purchase a Good Shampoo: –

Firstly, it is important to select the perfect shampoo that should be made for wavy to curly hair. Don’t choose shampoo for other hair types like straighten and others. 

Choose a Right Conditioner: –

Along with shampoo, make sure to choose a suitable conditioner as per your hair type (wavy hair). After finding a perfect shampoo, you should also go through the conditioner for your wavy hair. After shampooing your hair, don’t forget to use conditioner always.

Use Cold Water for Wash: –

Use Twisted Buns before Going to Bed: –

Instead of hot water, it is essential to wash your wavy hair with cold water. Generally, hot water is good to use for shampoo and conditioner. But, cold water is best to give a wavy texture to the hair. The ladies beauty parlour in Marathahalli also uses cold water to rinse the hair.

To maintain a wavy texture, you can use four twisted buns for your hair. In this way, you will not lose the density and texture of wavy hair. 

2. Give New Style for Wavy Hair

After washing wavy hair, it’s time to give them a perfect style. Usually, the styling of wavy hair is also important to enhance the personality. However, it is also an easy task to give a unique style to wavy hair. But, you need to do it with extra care. Here are some important steps:

Don’t Use Hair Dryer: –

First of all, don’t use any hair dryer or chemical on hair. Try to dry your hair naturally if possible. If you want to keep waves bouncy, it is important to leave the hair dry naturally.

Decline the Usage of Comb: –

For wavy hair, it is essential to reduce the usage of the comb. Usually, a comb can be the reason for breakage to your hair.

Use Scrunch Product: –

To maintain waves and control frizz, you should use a mousse or other scrunch products. Before applying, make sure to divide your hair into 4 sections.

Don’t Use Heating Equipment: –

If you have wavy hair, you should avoid the usage of heat styling tools. For example, flat irons, hair straighteners, curling irons, etc.

Use Oil: –

Lastly, apply oil to finish the styling process of wavy hair. It is the last step to provide proper moisture to hair and add some shine. Make sure to choose light-weight oil like Argan oil. Always use a small quantity of the oil (as per the length of your hair). 

3. Keep Wavy Hair Healthy

Now, it is important to always keep your wavy hair healthy and strong. At  unisex salon in Marathahalli or your locality, you can get proper care of any type of your hair. Also, you can discuss with experts about your hair problems. Undoubtedly, wavy hair is beautiful. But, it is important to keep them healthy and strong. To keep wavy hair healthy, here are some important tips:

Select a deep conditioner

Always choose a clarifying shampoo

Don’t use any chemical product

Make sure to trim your hair regularly 

Last Words

Several hair types are available for both men and women. One of them is wavy hair. It looks best, attractive, and unique. That is why; it requires extra care compared to other hair types. Above are the essential steps to wash and style wavy hair. Or you can also consult with experts for more tips to keep wavy hair healthy.

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