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How to Get Rid of Stink Buds: Tips,Tricks and Prevention Method

When the spring comes, flower blooms, trees starting to grow their new leaves, pleasant smell of flowers refreshing the minds. When all these good things are happening around you, then one unpleasant creature also comes out. We know this creature as STINK BUGS. In this article, we are going to discuss the different perspectives of this insect. To learn more about stink bugs, read this article thoroughly.

What is a stink bug?

Stink bugs have a brown color and are about twelve to seventeen millimeters long. It has a shape-like characteristic shield. It also has dark bands on both front wings. Stink bug also has long antenna type two straight hair, with brown, dark color band. The initial stage of stink bug life has yellow and red mixed color with dark red eyes. This yellow color changes into off white color with the passage of his life.

Stinks belong to Asian continents like Nepal, India, Bangladesh, etc. It is also found in American Garden more often. It is and harmless insect. But it can create significant trouble if not controlled on sunny days, inside the homes, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

How does this creature smell?

The main reason why it is called the stink bug is its defense mechanism. Its natural defense system is designed so that if any enemy comes near it, it releases a sticky smell in the area, which is very uncomfortable for its predator.

How does this creature smell?

Season of stink bug

In the winter, stink bugs go for hibernation for the whole season, hoping to survive the winter. So you never see any stink bugs in the winter season. When the winter season ends and after the spring season blooms, stink bugs end their hibernation period and come out from their hibernation site. They love sunny days; you can find them gathering on trees, plants, or in your home on a sunny day.

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Attractions for stink bugs

Stink bugs do not appear suddenly anywhere. Some exceptional environment or some particular thing attracts them. This pest lures some unique smells like the peel of banana smell. If you made fruit salad, then it too attracts stink bugs. Besides the fruit’s perfume, the scent of some plants also attracts them. So stink buds can be somewhere in your garden.

Other than above mention things, warm houses, sunlight. That’s why they come out from when the winter season starts to get the warmth of spring. Stinks bugs can sneak into your home when they see warmth light of the house. Once they came into the house, they got trapped and unable to go outside again. So, they make your home their inhabitant.

Does stink bugs dangerous?

Usually, stink bugs are not dangerous for humans and other creatures. But when they fly and suddenly land on your body, they will surprise you with fear. They don’t have any stink, and they don’t bite. So, in general, they do not create any harm to people.

After knowing much about the stink bug now we are going to discuss the methods of prevention. By following these methods of prevention, you can make your gardens and homes safe from stink bugs.

Does stink bugs dangerous?

Methods of prevention to keep stink bugs away from your house

1. Watch for points where stink bugs can enter the house.

The first point you have to watch for in prevention is to check the entry points where stink bugs and other pests can come into the house. The most obvious entry point for entry by these pests are faulty doors frames, windows frames, etc. If you find any extra entry points in the result of this examination, then seal them with silicon. If doors and other entry points need repairs, then fix them immediately.

2. Check out the lights of your house interior and exterior

Lighting is another loose point of which these bugs can take advantage to slip in the house.  Some lights attract the stink bugs to come into the house. So always choose the lights colors, especially the exterior lights. Yellow bulbs and yellow-like shades are not attractive for stink bugs. So, use these yellow colors bulbs instead of other colors.

3. Use of anti-bug chemical

After applying the above mention remedies, you can prevent your house from these stink bugs. If these bugs are still causing uncomforted for you, then this is the time to choose chemical usage. The most common chemicals that can be used to get rid of stink buds are a pesticide. These pesticides can be used at the possible entry points of stink bugs. Pesticides are very famous chemicals for killing these stink bugs.

4. Soap and hot water mixer

Soap and hot water mixer is also a known method to get rid of these bugs. One habit of stink bugs that can give you an advantage is that they drop themselves down whenever they feel any threats. When you spray the mixer on the stink buds hideout, they fall. Some amount of water can drain these bugs into the suds.

5. Trap to catch stink bugs

This method is not a well-known method of getting rid of stink bugs, but, it works. You must place fly tape and the point of entry where bugs can come. When stink bugs try to enter the house, they will be stick on the video, where you can easily remove them.

6. Use of garlic and water mixer

The perfume of garlic is not a pleasant thing for stink bugs. A garlic water mixer can make by using this method. It would be best if you had eight spoons of garlic powder/paste and four cups of water. Spray this mixer to the entry points of the house. The odor of this paste keeps away stink bugs from your home.


The stink bugs are not harmful, but the defensive mechanism of this insect can cause discomfort for you. So, you have to get rid of stink bugs to avoid any inconvenience. By using the above methods, you can easily prevent your homes and gardens from Stink bugs.

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