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Fortnite Weapons Guide – Hacks and Cheats to Improve Your Gameplay

Fortnite weapons are an essential part of the game and figuring out which ones work best can be tough. Condensing sixty-odd weapons into five slots in your Hotbar takes skill and knowledge.

The gold legendary SCAR is a great assault rifle, especially at medium range. However, it can be hard to find and it’s a bit overpowered for early games.


In Fortnite, weapons are an essential tool in any player’s arsenal. The right firearm can be the difference between a quick death and a victory. However, not all weapons are created equal. As the game evolves, so must the tactics players use in order to survive and win. Those who have the latest tips and tricks in their back pocket will be able to make the most of the new weapons added with each new season.

Each match in Fortnite requires players to condense the sixty-odd available weapons and items into their five-slot hotbar while deciding which one is the best choice for each situation. Some weapons are better for longer distances than others, while some have a specific specialty that sets them apart from the competition.

This is why having a diverse setup in weapon selection is so important. There are few weapons that will serve a player well in all situations, but those that work well together are a player’s best bet to ensure they’re armed for any fight.

The new weapons added to Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 work well together to create a balanced weapon set. The new weapons include pistols, assault rifles, snipers, and more. Having a good mix of these weapons can help a player take down enemies from any position on the map.

As of the end of Chapter 4 Season 2, there are 15 different weapons in the game, with more expected to arrive as the season continues. The new weapons can be obtained in a variety of ways, including from loot crates and drops from enemies.

Choosing the best weapons in Fortnite hack is something that takes time and experience to master. A good way to do this is by playing the game in creative mode, which allows players to experiment with all of the weapons. There are also several minigames that can be played in Fortnite’s creative mode, which can give players a taste of the combat that awaits them when they play in the main game.

One of the most popular minigames in Fortnite’s Creative Mode is the Gun Game, which lets players try out all of the weapons in the game at once. The Gun Game can be found by selecting “Creative” from the menu and then choosing “Games.” From there, players can select “Gun Game.”


There are many weapons in Fortnite, but finding the best one can be difficult. If you want to win, it’s essential that you have a good understanding of the game’s weapon meta. To help you out, we’ve created a Fortnite weapons guide that breaks down the weapon tiers and their performance. The guide also includes tips and tricks to improve your gameplay.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 has brought some exciting new weapons to the game, as well as a resurgence of some old favorites. We’ve updated our tier list to reflect the current state of the weapon pool, as well as taking into account new features like the Shockwave Grenade.

The gold legendary SCAR is still the best weapon in the entire game, combining great accuracy and damage with a high fire rate. This assault rifle is ideal for one-on-one battles and is a must-have in every player’s loadout. However, it can be hard to find – it is a rare weapon that can only be found in loot crates and in the Battle Royale event island.

Another gun that deserves to be at the top of any player’s list is the DMR, a semi-automatic marksman rifle with a crazy high fire rate. This weapon can easily take down a fully shielded opponent from far away, and it’s even better up close. It can shoot two bullets per second, which is enough to splatter an enemy in just a few seconds.

Shotguns in Fortnite aren’t as good as they used to be, but there are a few good options that you should consider including in your arsenal. The Combat Shotgun is a great choice that can dish out a lot of damage over medium range and is easy to use. It can also be reloaded quickly, making it an excellent choice if you’re in a rush.

The Heisted Twin Mag SMG is an Exotic variant of the regular Twin Mag SMG that provides you with some interesting mechanics. While the regular variant offers an incredible fire rate, this Heisted version allows you to shoot twice as fast and has a Zero Point Dash effect when reloading. This can be very helpful in a quick-fire situation, as it can give you the extra edge you need to get into the Storm Circle before your opponents.


Fortnite continues to evolve with new content like map changes and weapons. While it’s impossible to give a definitive guide to the best weapons in the game, there are some general considerations that can help you find the right ones for your needs. The first step is understanding what the different weapon types do – their damage, fire rate, and accuracy. This will let you know which weapons are good for long-range fighting, mid-range, or close-range combat. The second thing to consider is a weapon’s rarity. Higher-rarity weapons generally deal more damage, and their reload times are usually faster. For example, a gold legendary assault rifle will deal more damage than a grey common one, and it will also reload more quicker.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that not all weapons are created equal. In addition to the usual categories, Fortnite has a handful of special weapons and explosives that offer unique ways to destroy your enemies. Some of these are extremely powerful, but others are more gimmicky or just not practical for most situations.

Despite this, it is still important to keep a variety of guns in your inventory. The more choices you have, the better chance you have of finding the weapon that’s perfect for a specific situation. For example, an assault rifle might be the best weapon for mid-range combat, but if you’re up against someone who can run at high speed, a shotgun or SMG might be more effective.

The Rocket Launcher, meanwhile, is one of the most powerful explosives in the game and can be used to blow up just about anything that stands in your way. It isn’t as versatile as other weapons, but it does a great job of quickly eliminating enemies at range.

Finally, the Ex-Caliber Rifle is a pretty incredible new gun that can be a big threat to opponents. It fires swords that stick into enemies before exploding, making it difficult to take down from a distance. However, it can be tricky to master, so it’s best paired with other strong close-range weapons.


If you’re playing Fortnite for a long time, it’s important to understand some of the tricks that pro players use. These tips and hacks can make a significant difference in your performance. For example, faster movement hacks can give you an advantage in combat by allowing you to get around the map more quickly and chase down enemies. Similarly, infinite ammo hacks can let you carry more bullets into battle.

The best weapons in Fortnite tend to vary from season to season, but the most effective ones for close, medium, and long-range are the Automatic Shotgun, Assault Rifle (SCAR variant), and Sniper Rifle. Each of these guns can do huge damage at their respective distances, but some are better for one-on-one fights than others.

It’s also helpful to have a mix of guns so that you can cover all situations in a firefight. For instance, if an enemy is close by, you’ll want to have a short-range shotgun or SMG. If they’re further away, a sniper will be able to knock them out with a single shot.

The Ex-Caliber Rifle, a new weapon that was added in Chapter 4, is another good choice for long and medium-range combat. This weapon uses the same ammo as a shotgun and has great accuracy, making it easy to hit opponents at those distances. It’s also an S Tier weapon, so it has high damage potential.

In addition to these guns, you should also consider adding a few grenade launchers to your loadout. These weapons have a large splash damage radius and can be very useful for taking out buildings and other structures. However, they have a relatively slow firing rate and are prone to bouncing off walls, so you may want to pair them with a LMG or minigun to increase their effectiveness.

Keeping an eye on the latest updates to the game is also important. Epic Games regularly adds new features and changes the gameplay to keep the game fresh. These changes can make old weapons obsolete, or even cause a few to be vaulted altogether.

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