What Is Cyberpunk Fashion? How to Dress Cyberpunk? Top 10 Online Stores For Cyberpunk Clothing

Cyberpunk Fashion: What Is It?

Cyberpunk fashion is more than just clothing and genre – it’s a lifestyle that marries ‘low-key living with an understanding of backdoors in the social fabric and access to high-tech gadgets.

People living in a dystopian future where science and technology are highly advanced make up a cyberpunk lifestyle. Due to the cyberpunk sub-genre’s different outlook on the end, the type of clothing and costumes were worn by cyberpunks reflect their culture.

Genre: Cyberpunk: Aesthetic Inspiration

In this section, you’ll find iconic fashion looks from cyberpunk media. Our goal is to find regular clothing, styling, and design components in this look by analyzing its aesthetics, form, and context.

Nothing is more iconic in cyberpunk style than Rick Deckard’s trench coat from Blade Runner (1982). As well as defining the visual aesthetic, the film’s coat, in particular, was cited in countless other cyberpunk works, if not directly emulated. In this section, we will argue that even the most iconic works, such as Ghost in the Shell (1995) and The Matrix (1999), use genre tropes heavily in their costume design and fashion.

How to Dress Cyberpunk?

How should to dress cyberpunk?

There is no perfect cyberpunk style, but the cyber Goth scene inspires most followers with dark clothing, black nails, and dark hair. Recent cyberpunk fashion trends have been drawn from Cyberpunk 2017, which brought back certain legendary clothing items.

The fashion industry is catching up with cyberpunk fashion, and new designers and their statement pieces appear all the time. Whenever you shop for cyberpunk clothing, keep these three essentials in mind:

1. Cyberpunk Doesn’t Mean Black

  • Mix darker shades, such as dark grays, brown tones, and dirty white, into the scheme.
  • Any pink, green, yellow, or fluorescent color should be avoided.

2. Ignore anything Hipster, Cottage style, or Y2K

While there’s a temporal connection, cyberpunk clothing has nothing to do with the year 2000 looks, so don’t wear anything Y2K related. Cottage core follows the same rule. You don’t want to look like a confused villager stuck in a concrete jungle.

3. Prioritize functionality

If you’re getting cyberpunk clothes, make sure they’ve got lots of pockets.Zippers are better than buttons. You can dress up your snaps with heavy-duty versions, too; add hidden pockets wherever possible!

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What are the best places to buy cyberpunk clothes?

What are the best places to buy cyberpunk clothes?

In light of where cyberpunk originated, let’s take a look at the best cyberpunk clothing brands. Here is a list of the ten best online stores in 2021 for cyberpunk clothing and other dystopian styles.

1. Cryoflesh

The best place to buy cyberpunk pants

Range: Starting at $20

Cryoflesh specializes in a variety of dystopian-themed clothing, including cyberpunk apparel, Goth clothing, and rave clothing.

2. Schnittmuskel

The best post-apocalyptic cyberpunk apparel

Range: Starting at $29

Cyberpunk clothing designer Schnittmuskel is based out of Germany. A post-apocalyptic fantasy inspires the brand’s pieces.

Knitmuskel’s distinctive garments evoke a forgotten world in which the past is lost, and the past is forgotten. It has evolved into a clothing label that expresses a dark, existence-threatening world. Furthermore, it no longer uses animal products but utilizes vegan leather instead.

3. Y-3 by Adidas

Y-3 by Adidas has some excellent cyberpunk clothing with a Japanese style 

Range: Starting at $35

While it might be surprising to find cyberpunk clothing at Adidas, this line does have a modern touch with Japanese culture. A vision driven by Adidas innovation and Yohji Yamamoto’s style, Y-3 creates forward-looking apparel, footwear, and accessories – a concept that fuses sports and fashion.

As Y-3 originally founded the fashion sportswear category in 2002, it has continued to redefine it. Nineteen years later, the Y-3 brand still exhibits Yamamoto’s unique elegance and fit with engineered garments and intensive performance.

4. Demobaza

Stylish and futuristic cyberpunk fashion 

Range: Starting at $90

In 2007, Demobaza was launched by Demo and Tono. With a post-socialist spirit and dystopian dream philosophy, the brand’s clothing is minimalist and futuristic in design. In addition to deconstructed jeans, the company also develops limited edition series of jeans. 

5. Psylo

Sustainably produced cyberpunk clothing

Range: Starting at $30

If you’re looking for something unusual, like absurd clothing combinations or your dream outfit, then Psylo is the cyberpunk clothing store for you. Travelers, tribal explorers, surfers, dancers, adventure-seekers, and explorers of the unknown, the brand’s clothes aren’t so much cyberpunk as clothing for personal expression and a unique lifestyle.

With a focus on originality and sustainability, Psylo resists fast fashion. This brand is equally environmentally friendly and ethical, infusing a strong sense of edginess, rebellion, and punk fashion from different cultures.

6. Plastik Wrap

Provides best Cyberpunk Jackets

Range: Starting at $100

After the costumes from Plastik Wrap’s store were featured in the Total movie Recall, the store gained global recognition. The result is that Plastik Wrap is one of the most expensive cyberpunk clothing brands you will find. Cyberpunk styles are undoubtedly incredible, but if you’re on a tight budget, you should only use the brand as a reference.

7. Futurestate

The best Cyber – Steampunk jackets 

Range: Starting at $50

There is a more industrial edge to Futurestate’s clothes, sometimes bordering on steampunk.

Yet, if you search carefully, you’ll find attractive cyberpunk clothing for men sold at Futurestate. While the prices are higher than that of other cyberpunk brands, all of the items are worth it without a doubt.

8. Siskatank

Provides best Handmade Cyberpunk Clothing

Range: Starting at $35

The Siskatank brand is marketed as “clothing for the dystopic society” by a designer who goes by the same name.

From design to assembly, the clothes are handmade by Skika, hence the high prices. They are named after Jamie Hewlett, one of the designer’s favorite comics, Tank Girl. Siska will turn your idea into a reality based on your cyberpunk clothing style.

9. Immoral cyberpunk fashion

The best Australian cyberpunk outfits, 

Range: starting at $30

Despite its low price tag, immoral fashion is an online store offering fantastic cyberpunk pieces at an Australian gothic and alternative fashion store. It doesn’t matter what type of clothing you choose. As long as it’s cyberpunk, it is all of high quality.

10. Acronym

Luxury cyberpunk clothing 

Range: Starting at $100

The German brand ‘Acronym’ is known for its uncompromising focus on functional fashion. Since 2011, the brand evolved from a consulting firm to an enigmatic, elusive fashion house with a laser-focused approach and a small seasonal line of expertly crafted clothing.

Acronym’s ergonomic clothes combine back-to-basics functionality with avant-garde design and thinking, combining punk, techwear, e-girl, and other cyber styles.

What is the difference between cyberpunk and techwear?

Regarding futuristic fashion, two terms often come up are “cyberpunk” and “techwear.” While they may seem similar at first glance, the two have significant differences. This article will delve into those differences and help you understand the unique characteristics of each style.


Cyberpunk is a genre that originated in science fiction literature, which portrays a dystopian future where technology has advanced beyond our control. In fashion, cyberpunk emphasizes a punk-inspired, rebellious aesthetic with leather, spikes, chains, and bright neon colors. Cyberpunk clothing also often features futuristic elements such as reflective materials, LED lights, and cybernetic enhancements.


Techwear, on the other hand, is a style that emphasizes function over form. Techwear clothing is designed to be practical, comfortable, and weather-resistant. The materials used in techwear clothing are often technical fabrics such as Gore-Tex or Kevlar, and the designs often incorporate modular elements, such as removable pockets, for added versatility. Techwear fashion also often includes sleek and minimalistic designs, emphasizing clean lines and a futuristic look.


Cyberpunk fashion is often confused with all types of techwear, cyber Goth, raver, goa, clubwear, military, tactical, and even dark academic (nerdy) streetwear. You can get the look of your choice using the accessories you have at home if you are familiar with the basics. You can quickly complete the look by mixing and matching your ideal jacket with a few custom necklaces.

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