How To Sell Property In GTA 5 Online? The Step-by-Step Guide

Quick ways to sell property

First method

Selling a property in GTA 5 online can be done through your phone or via the in-game internet. The quickest way of selling a property is to go onto the ingame internet and search for “Property website” it costs between $2000-5000 depending on how many properties you have got.

Then all you need to do is press sell and choose the location of your apartment/garage from a list displayed from where that advertisement is being shown. This method will get rid of your property immediately however there is a slim chance that it might glitch and not allow you to complete the sale, however this has only happened twice in all my times playing GTA 5 Online.

Second method

If this does happen, then you might have to wait up to days before you receive an email saying the sale has gone through. If you want to sell your property faster, but don’t mind paying for it, then head over to the ingame internet again and this time search for “richards certified buyer” these are people who will pay you a lot more than the average price for your property – but be aware that if they do buy your property, you won’t receive any money until they have finished with the building.

Third method

The third option is to go onto your phone and select Contacts>Activities & Services>Missions then go into Property Management>Auction house either on foot or via helicopter (costs $100 each way). This method is by far the most tedious as you will need to bid on all of your properties individually and then complete the mission of having them taken away.

Note: But there is one benefit of this method, if you win on an apartment it will become yours for free, this is the only way thus far of getting free property in GTA online. Once your apartment/garage has been removed you can head back onto safe houses>Garages>Auction house to select which property you would like to place in storage.

Finally, after you have sold your last property go back into missions and choose “Property Management” again, sell your remaining property at the auction house or buy some new ones.

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How to sell property in GTA 5?

There are many ways to make money in GTA 5, but the easiest would probably be buying and selling (or simply ‘exchanging’) property.

  • When your transactions involve a lot of money, it’s always good to have a friend on the other side as some sort of security measure.
  • In case you do it alone though, bring some heat with you because there might be some dead meat out there trying to buy or sell from you.
  • Once you have found someone who is willing to exchange with you and is trustworthy enough not run off with all your dough.
  • Open up your interaction menu by pressing down on the d-pad of your controller then going over to the ‘phone’ tab at the right side of your menu.
  • Press down on the d-pad again and click ‘add contact’. Find the person you are exchanging within your friend’s list or in your phonebook if you don’t know his/her gamer tag.
  • When he accepts (the game will let you know), go to his name at the left side of your menu then press down on the d-pad once more and pick ‘invite to crew’. The game will ask for confirmation so just accept it.
  • Wait for him to join, then take either one of your vehicles, preferably something fast like an Adder, a 9F or any other sports car that can keep up with high speeds.
  • Take whoever is in your car with you to the property that you want to sell/buy and then drive up near the door.
  • Make sure that no other people are around or they might try to steal what you’re hauling (and end up dead). If there’s nobody around, just walk into the property and press down on the d-pad of your controller. It will bring up a menu; choose ‘sell’.
  • Your friend has now bought/sold from/to you so congrats! You’ve made some easy cash.

If he asks for confirmation like it does when someone tries to buy from him, accept it and wait for him to take his money out then kill him. That is the easiest way to get rid of someone who might try to double-cross you. So in short, know the person with whom you are doing business, make sure there is nobody else around and enter a property for a quick sale.

Setting up a garage

Setting up a garage sale is one of the easiest ways to sell properties in GTA 5 Online. With the help of your internet browser, you can manage all of your sales for every character at any time.

First, visit Southern San Andreas Super Autos. You can use this website whether or not you are playing GTA 5 Online with another player. This makes it easy to keep track of each online character’s businesses and homes. Visit the Los Santos Customs website afterwards if you want to sell vehicles that you have designed at Benny’s Original Motor Works or elsewhere.

Sale by website

You can set up a sale on both websites by typing in the address of the property that you want to sell into either site’s search bar check “Guide me” within these websites to find this address bar.

Once you have the address of your property, open up your internet browser on Grand Theft Auto V Online’s character that you want to sell the property with. Next, press X (Xbox 360), Square (PlayStation 3) or F (PC). This will prompt an in-game wheel menu to appear; select “Internet.” You can also access GTA 5’s internet wheel menu through the game’s pause menu by selecting “Online” and then “Interaction Menu”.

After successfully accessing GTA 5 online internet wheel, choose Southern San Andreas Super Autos.com for selling your properties or Los Santos Customs.net for selling vehicles within GTA 5. Use this website exactly as it is shown in the below screenshots.

After waiting a few seconds, your sales should appear under “Sale Listings” in GTA 5 online’s internet wheel menu. You can then open Grand Theft Auto V Online’s character that wants to purchase the property and check its availability within their game. If they are interested, simply invite them into your lobby so they can purchase it normally with their own money or share funds with them online.

Buy the sold property

If you want to sell the property directly, simply purchase it normally within GTA 5 Online. When you are done, choose “Respawn” or “Leave game” on your online character that has purchased the property so they can start playing as their new home. Then buy it again for yourself through that website after waiting a few minutes. You can then leave your lobby if desired and keep the money that you earned from your latest sale.

That method makes it possible to sell any properties within Grand Theft Auto V Online regardless of whether or not you are playing with another player. You can also repeat the process if you want to sell multiple properties at once. After selling each property, make sure to use an internet browser on your new character that has made some money from selling their own properties before returning to this new character’s game.

How do you sell your garage in GTA 5?

In Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5), players have the option to purchase various properties in the game’s open world. One such property is the garage, which allows players to store their vehicles and modify them to their liking. However, there may come a time when a player decides they no longer need or want their garage and want to sell it to make some extra in-game cash.

To sell a garage in GTA 5, players need to follow a few simple steps. First, they need to access their phone and navigate to the Dynasty 8 website in the game’s internet browser. From there, they can select the “Garage” option and choose the garage they wish to sell. The game will then display the sale price, and players can choose to proceed with the sale or cancel if they change their mind.

It’s worth noting that players cannot sell garages that have vehicles stored inside them. They must first remove all vehicles before attempting to sell the property. Additionally, players can only sell garages that they have purchased previously, not those that come with specific missions or activities.


No property you buy in GTA Online can be sold straight, not even at a discount. No matter what kind of building it is, whether it’s an apartment or a garage, you can only get some of your money back once you buy it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good idea to sell property in GTA online?

Yes, off course it is interesting and quite entertaining to sell the property in game.

What is the fastest way to sell the property?

The easiest way to sell your property is exchange it with someone who is willing. Other ways are also described above.

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