How To Do A Messy Bun With Long Hair? What Are The Best Ways To Look Cool And Beautiful With A Bun?

Step-by-step method to make messy bun

  • Step 1: Spray your hair with dry shampoo or texturizing spray. This will give the bun more grip, so your hair won’t fall out all day. If you have dirty hair, you can skip this step.
  • Step 2: Pull the top half of your hair into a high ponytail just above your crown, leave it loose for now.
  • Step 3: Release the rest of your hair from any clips or bands. Separate out a three inch section at the back of your head and repeat step 2 in this section only. At the front of your head, separate out another three inch section below where you put in the first ponytail and repeat step 2.
  • Step 4: Now, take the rest of your hair from the back section and start twisting until there is no more hair left to twist. Repeat on the front section, but instead of twisting it, just pull it up into a ponytail with your free hand. You should now have two ponytails that are side by side.
  • Step 5: Take both tails in opposite hands and tie them together as firmly as you can, so each one looks like a knot at the base of your neck. If you’d like a little extra security here, bobby pin these “knots” together at the base your neck so they won’t come apart.
  • Step 6: Pin the knot of your ponytails up as flat against your head as possible. Make sure both knots are pinched together as one unit and that there is only one knot where your twists meet.
  • Step 7: Twist some small sections from around your face into a loose braid and pin it near or under one of the knots for a cute look, or make a messy bun using these pieces instead! Finish with hairspray if necessary.

Bun with bangs

The bun with bangs hairstyle is actually a summer-seasoned hairstyle that is still in trend and looks pretty in most girls nowadays. Applying this hairstyle can make anyone look attractive, pretty, and funny. You can create a wavy bun with hairstyle options. Their design can be straight or side-swept. Their choice can depend upon you’re your body preferences and the occasion. It is still considered a versatile hairstyle as it can be adopted in many different ways by girls and women. Following are the things one must need to design a bun with long hair;

  • A ponytail
  • A comb
  • Bobby pins (lots)
  • Hairspray (if you can get it to hold all day, do it. I couldn’t so I used the next best thing.)

This hairstyle is basically a big messy bun with your long hair tucked around it. It’s easier than you think and really cute. Plus, if your hair gets in your face, just tie it up and out of the way. Or if it doesn’t stay put, add some more hairspray and try again.

Quick ways to make messy bun

Messy buns are the best if you want your ends to blend, or you simply don’t feel like styling your whole head of hair. This is how it’s done:

  • Pull half of your length, and pull out some strands of curl (for more volume). For this one, only pull out the top layers. The bottom ones will be hidden under the rest, but that’s okay. It gives even more volume! If you’re having trouble doing that “messy” look, try scrunching your curls after you’ve put the rest of your hair up, so it looks more frizzy.
  • Tie all of your hair together with a thick strand of hair at the crown of your head. If need be, use if necessary. You don’t want anything to ouch or show! After that’s done, tie another strand around the first one to keep it in place. With curly girls, I’ve noticed that this is especially important for us just because our strands are thicker than straight haired ladies.
  • Flip over and do a quick bun. So that both sides blend perfectly into each other just like how we do our man buns, but smaller and not quite as messy.
  • Pull out strands for more volume.

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Suggestions for messy bun

How to do a messy bun with long hair? If you’re going to keep your hair in the messy bun, then remember not to wash it for at least two days before the event, and make sure you go easy on styling products because they could break down or ruin your style. Start with dry hair and brush through it gently with a brush like the Denman D3 Nylon Grooming Brush (about $15). Apply some pomade if desired; we like René Furterer Karité Hair Styling Pommade ($18) which has shea butter to condition and soften up the strands as well as control flyaways and frizzy bits around the crown.

Use a 2-inch barrel curling iron and start rolling up small sections of hair, making sure to keep your hands off the top of the head while curling. Stop when you get an inch or two away from the scalp. Then let go and repeat on the other side.

When creating a half-up messy bun, use bobby pins such as Goody Ouchless Bobby Pins (about $7) to pin back any loose pieces that may stick out in opposition to the style’s intention. Do not use hair elastics because they could break down or ruin your style; we like Alice Hair Elastics (about $2 for a set of four). If desired, spray hairspray like L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray ($5) to secure the style and prevent flyaways but only a little, as too much product can leave your locks crunchy.

If you want to show off some face framing layers but still have an updo for a formal event, try sectioning off the front hairline with a hair band like Goody Ouchless Hair Bands (about $5 for a 3-pack). Twist it back into a ponytail or bun and fasten with bobby pins or hair elastics. Make your messy bun in back like usual and let the hair in front frame your face it’s a cute way to add some extra detail that shows off layers or color fades.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your messy bun look more elegant, pull out a few strands around the crown and pin them back or tuck them behind your ear.

How to do a messy bun for beginners?

A messy bun is a popular hairstyle that can be created with just a few simple steps. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry – it’s easier than it looks! Start by brushing your hair and gathering it into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. Secure it with a hair tie and twist the ponytail into a messy bun. Don’t worry about making it perfect – the messier, the better!

Next, use bobby pins to secure loose strands and give your bun a more structured look. You can also use hairspray to keep it in place. To make the bun look even messier, gently pull out a few strands of hair around your face and at the nape of your neck.

Another tip for creating a messy bun is to use a texturizing spray or dry shampoo to give your hair some extra grip and volume. This will help the bun hold its shape and stay in place throughout the day.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Don’t worry if your first attempt isn’t exactly what you envisioned – the beauty of a messy bun is that it’s meant to be imperfect. Keep practicing and experimenting with different techniques until you find a messy bun that works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to make messy bun?

Yes it is quite easy to make messy bun. Just follow the above instructions and do this at home.

Is messy bun trending?

Yes, messy bun is always in trend. You can make it in functions also by adding some fashion designs in it.
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