What Is Lead? How To Make A Lead In Minecraft? A Complete Review

A lead-in Minecraft helps bring different kinds of mobs and animals to a specific location. Since they won’t follow you, it is perfect if they can’t be tamed. We will discuss how to make a lead.

Minecraft can be played on almost every platform, including PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Java Edition, Pocket Edition or PE, iPad, and Bedrock Edition.

In Minecraft, what does a lead do?

Leads are used primarily to keep animals and mobs confined to a particular area. This can be accomplished by attaching a lead to the creature and catching it. The use of a lead can even be amusing for some unconventional applications. The player can, for example, create an Iron Golem and lead it on a lead to get their bodyguard. If you do this at night, you will be protected from any hostile mobs around.

This article demonstrated how to craft a lead and why they’re such an essential tool in Minecraft. Hopefully, any animals you decide to collect after you go to bed in-game won’t wander off.

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How to make a lead in Minecraft?                                

If you want to take the lead in Minecraft, you must get four strings and one slime ball for the recipe. The crafting table requires you to place three strings on the upper left corner, one slime ball in the middle, and the other string at the bottom right corner to create the lead. In addition to Spiders and Slime, you can get the ingredients from scavenging.

Chest loot leads: how to find them

There are two types of random-generated structures that spawn Leads as chest loot in different Minecraft versions, but they spawn at varying rates. Approximately 28.3% of Leads can be found in Woodland Mansion Chests in the Java Edition.

In Bedrock Edition, Leads can also be found in Buried Treasure Chests and Woodland Mansions. There is a 27.9% chance that one Lead will appear in a Woodland Mansion Chest. There is a 34.3% chance of finding between one and three Leads in Buried Treasure Chests.

Making a Lead: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Acquire string

Typically, you have to engage in some combat to get string, but it’s not impossible to find! Below are some ways to get it:

  • Mine for cobwebs:
  • When you are near an abandoned mine, it’s possible to find a lot of them inside. A sword can be used to cut through many of the cobwebs, which usually hang over mines. The likelihood of finding a mine is relatively high if you are in a badlands/savanna bio-mes. Keep an eye out for cave spider spawners, though, as those occur in caves!
  • To get string, slay spiders: A string is usually found by smacking spiders around and having them drop it as loot as they fall to the ground. Look for them during the nighttime. They typically have bright red eyes. You’ll need a sword and some string, so be sure to wack them with it!
  • Obtain a slime ball: Our next move will be to find some slimes. You will only find these in swamp bio-mes or slime chunks deep underground! I recommend searching for swamps because they are easier to locate. You’ll need some luck to stumble upon a slime chunk since they are hard to come by.
  • The slime ball can also be found another way. There is one more thing I would like to add: Bamboo jungle biomes with pandas. Slime balls can be dropped by baby pandas when they sneeze! That could be another option for you.

2. Develop a lead

Once all of the materials for creating a lead have been gathered, the next step is to arrange them on the crafting table. The first step to crafting is to open the 3 by 3 crafting grid in the crafting table. To lead in the game, make sure both strings and slime balls are in the grid.

The slime ball must be placed directly in the center square while the string should be placed in the top left square, the top middle square, the middle left square, and the bottom right square. You’ll see what’s currently being crafted in the correct box after placing all the ingredients correctly. The lead can then be moved into your inventory.

How to use leads?

As long as the lead is attached to the mob, the player can move it. In the future, the group will follow you whenever the information is tethered, as long as you keep it tethered. It is possible to leash multiple mobs at once; however, moving too many simultaneously can cause problems. If an obstruction or interference prevents the mob from following the player, the lead will be broken.

Leads can be stretched up to 10 blocks before breaking. By right-clicking on Java (right-click on the mob), you can also break off the lead. The lead will be dropped to the ground. The ability to leash a mob to a fence post is one of the mechanics that makes a lead worthwhile. The lead needs to be used on a fence once a mob has been leashed.

The lead will be attached to the wall, so the mob will not leave after ten blocks. However, do not be mistaken. This won’t prevent mobs from despawning like Name Tags, but it will keep them in place. Making individual pens for each animal may not be as aesthetically pleasing as leash mobs to fences. Each fence can only have one lead applied at a time. When the lead is over ten blocks above the ground, mobs can hang suspended in the air!


Is it possible to use a lead on a villager?

There is no way to use a lead on villagers, so you will not transport them anywhere. It is possible to move villagers using Mine carts or boats.

In Minecraft, do leads break?

Yes, they can break either by pressing the use button on the target you have on your leash, by hitting the knot, or by separating the fence post from the lead. In addition, an arrow can break them!

Is it possible to get a lead on a Ghast?

There is no way to attach a lead to a Ghast! Even if you could, it might not be a great idea, though you could use it like a helium balloon to get around. It might be a long time before you reach the end, though.

Enlist some animals on which you can lead?

The bee
The cat
The chicken
The cow
The dolphin
The donkey
The Fox
The Hoglin Score

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