What is Pacman’s 30th Anniversary?

When Microsoft released Pacman to Windows computers, it wasn’t the first computer game to attempt this feat. Unfortunately, the existing industry had several examples of games being ported from other platforms (such as the Atari 2600) to Windows. Microsoft’s major competitor at the time, Apple, was having no success with their porting effort as they were having technical problems with the same Now its about Pacman’s 30th Anniversary.

Pacman, while popular for its time and still played today, had quite the few technical issues such as a large slowdown in the game’s speed. As a result, Microsoft, to their credit, released a patch that essentially rewrote most of the game’s code, making it faster and smoother. However, that didn’t happen immediately, and it was a few more years before Microsoft released their version.

As such, Pacman 30th Anniversary, as it was named at the time, was released to the web by its creator, a programmer who went by the name of iCon. He didn’t release it to public, instead making it for himself. Only, he did so while he was an employee at Microsoft. The surprise release, along with the artwork he created for it, was the main reason why it made it onto the front page of the popular site Reddit. The strange story is detailed on the official Pacman 30th Anniversary website.

As the original programmer put it:

“I had been talking to my manager about opening a file storage facility inside Microsoft to store work. He told me about this event [Pacman 30th Anniversary] and I said I’d like to try it for myself. I opened the folder it was in and wrote ‘Pacman 30th Anniversary.’ If that’s what the future of Pacman means then I don’t have a problem with it.”

After the public release, iCon’s project was picked up by Microsoft and opened up for the public to play. The latest version was made available to play by the All Things D technology blog, and, so far, it seems to be still playable. Pacman 30th Anniversary, much like its 30th Anniversary, is currently up for debate on Reddit, with multiple people both slamming the game as not being as playable as it should be and praising it for its being so.


Some users have called out the game’s performance, saying that while it is fun for a while, once the 30th Anniversary celebration ends, the performance begins to get sloppy. Also, many users have noted that the game’s sound files are frequently corrupted, further slowing things down.

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