Exam Tips: How to Score Good Marks in Your Exams 2023

Many students want to score well in their exams. If you’re one of them, then these exam tips are for you. In our initial years of life, exams are very important and thus, we need to study better. Before that, please understand, that there are no shortcuts involved here. You need to study with consistency and discipline.

Now, who am I to give you the exam tips to score higher. Don’t worry; these are the tried and tested study tips for exams. I have studied in a school in Jaipur, named VSI International, and my teacher gave me these tips to me. So you can trust me. Now, scroll down to know the exam tips and score more in your exams.

Exam Tips

Don’t Wait for the Exams to Study

Students generally leave everything for the end and later find it difficult to cover the vast course. You don’t have to commit the same mistake as many students do. The best way to study for exams is to start your preparation early and don’t wait for the exams to come. When your teacher covers a particular topic, try to read it on the same day. This will make it easier for you to understand and remember the topic.

Don’t Change Yourself: Study Tips for Exams

If you want to know how to score good marks in exams, then don’t follow others. You’ll find tons of exam tips from toppers, teachers, parents, and elders on how to study, but you don’t need to follow them. This is because everyone has different ways and styles of studying. the pieces of advice you got might be good but not for you. The best study tip for the exam is the one that suits you. If you’re comfortable with writing for learning, then let it be, don’t change yourself.

Make Proper Notes for Exams

Making proper notes is among the best exam preparation tips. Unfortunately, many students don’t even make notes. And the major reason is laziness. You don’t need to find exam tips if you are making proper notes. And, when I say proper notes, then you have to follow 2-3 things. These are: write neatly in your notes, make flow charts and diagrams, and make them short. There are many more, but these three should be there in your notes.

Practice with Previous Year’s Papers

Another exam tip that will be very beneficial to you. You have to study the previous year’s papers. This will help in knowing what examiners are asking, how to study, and what to study. For better results, try to review the papers before you start studying. That’s a good way through which you get to know about exams. There are many publishers out there who add all the previous year’s papers in their reference books. Buy any of them and start your preparation smartly.

Revision is the Key: Best Exam Tip

There is no substitute for revisions, hence a crucial exam tip. You have to revise properly if you want to score more. We, humans, tend to forget things after some time and remember things for a long time; there are some ways. One way is to make flow charts and diagrams that you should do while making notes. and the second way is to revise timely. The proper revision will make you more confident and will pave the way for good marks.

Explain to Others

While studying, many times, we feel like we understood the topic properly. But the reality is we don’t. To find this, try to explain the concept to others. It can be your friends, siblings, parents, or even teachers. If you can’t explain properly, then you need to study more. This is the exam tip that I like the most. I used to do this to understand the concept properly.

Make a Proper Plan: Tip for Exam Day

Students generally focus on their studies, but they forget to plan their exams. They don’t even know and try to find the tips for exam day. There are important points that can negatively impact your exams, if not followed properly. These are:

  • Don’t wake up late on the previous day.
  • Pack your bag on the previous day, so you don’t forget anything.
  • Start solving papers 1-2 weeks earlier at the same time as that of exams.

Take Care of Yourself

This is the exam tip no one will give to you. However, we take for granted our health. During exam days, students generally don’t focus on eating, exercising, sleeping, and enjoyment. As I said earlier, you don’t have to study everything in the end. So take your health seriously, and this will have a positive impact on your exams.

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Final Say on Exam Tips

After reading the exam tips, I think you understood that there are no shortcuts. These are the study tips that will not interfere with your studying but make it easier and better. If you’re consistent, determined, and disciplined and follow these exam tips, then I can guarantee you good marks.


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