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What is the Multi-Channel Home Theater? Facts You Should Know About Multi-Channel Home Theater

Multi-channel home theater is a sound system that gives you the best movie and sound experience with surrounding sound. More than two speakers are placed around the listener; usually,these speakers have subwoofers for a more enhanced sound experience.

What is the Multi-Channel Home Theater? Facts You Must Know

Basic terms that are used in sound systems

Before knowing more about multi-channel home theater, you must know about the basic terms used in sound systems.

Two-channel or stereo sound

Two-channel is the most common terminology known in sound systems. In the stereo sound system, you listen to only two sound channels, one is left side sound, and the other is right side sound. This system is supposed to give you surround sound by using depth of the output voice; stereo sound fulfills this purpose but not at its best.

 Because of the system’s limitation, you can not enjoy the surround effect that a multi-channel system can give you. In this system, you listen to sound from the side of the tv channel. That’s why you can not feel yourself in the center of the scene. Surround sound, or a multi-channel sound system, is replaced with a stereo sound system to overcome this drawback.

Multi-channel or surround sound

Surround sound, or multi-channel sound is a enrich sound technique that gives you the depth of sound; a reproduction unit of sound is available. This reproduction unit makes the sound like it is in real life. When you listen to sound from this system, you realize that the sound is coming from all sides and you find yourself in the center of the action, either listening to the music or watching your favorite movie. In surround sound, you are a practical part of the movie of music.

Besides these terminologies, there are three different types of sound systems present in the market. Before knowing about the multi-channel sound system, you must learn what is trending In the market these days.

The name and detail of these three systems are below:

Stereo sound system

There are two speakers available in a stereo speaker sound system; one is called the left-side speaker, which places on the left side of the television, and the other is called the right-side speaker, which is located on the right side of the television tv. The quality of the stereo sound system can enhance by adding a subwoofer. The speaker enables the sound system to reproduce low-frequency sounds, and as a result, enriched and enhanced sound quality is produced. Some television comes with built-in stereo speakers, but they have not enriched voice quality.

Types of stereo sound system

There are two types of a stereo sound system. This system could be active or could be passive. A stereo sound system is known active sound system when the amplification systemis wholly present inside the sound system, and no external power supply is required to fulfill the power need of the system. Similarly, an stereo sound system is known as a passive sound system when the amplification unit’s equipped with at least one extra power supply.You have to connect this additional unit with your television;you will listen to the beautiful sound after this connection.

Soundbar (Sound System)

The soundbar is an advanced sound system than a stereo sound system. They are easy to use and have less complexity than the above sound system. There is a minimum of two speakers in a soundbar;the soundbar can even have three, four, or five speakers inside of them. Some companies make soundbars that can produce stimulating effects.

The beauty of the sound bar is that they are very smart, easy to carry, and easy to put with your television system. Soundbar gains more importance when less space presents trouble because they use less space. That’s why they can easily be fitted in tight areas.

Multi-channel sound system or home theater system

Now we will discuss the multi-channel sound system; they are commonly known as home theater sound systems. If you want to listen to high-quality sound and enjoy the best music or movie experience, then this is the best option available for you.The home theater system consists of more than two speakers and subwoofers placed so that the listener is in the center of the speakers.

Placings of the speaker in the multi-channel home sound theater

The placing of the speakers depends on how many speakers you have in your home theater sound system. Usually, multi-channel home sound systems come with five speakers. The name of the speakers are below.

  • Front left (FL)
  • Front right (FR)
  • Center
  • Surround left (SL)
  • Surround right (SR)

The sound, which comes with five speakers, has a subwoofer system. When including a subwoofer system in the home theater system, then it is called 5.1 speaker layout. If you add two subwoofers with five speakers, then it is classified as a 5.2 speaker system.

If you want to make your home theater system bigger than this, then you have to add two more speakersto your system, which are called.

  • Rear left (RL)
  • Rear right (RR)

After adding two more speakers with two subwoofers present in the system, your home theater is now classified as a 7.2 channel speaker system.

Other units/factors of multi-channel home theater sound system

Without any doubt,speakers are the main parts of any multi-channel home theater sound system. But these speakers alone can not make the multi-channel home theater. Now we are going to discuss other parts of the multi-channel home theater sound system. Which are:

  • Source
  • Audio Video Receiver (AVR)
  • Speaker watts
  • Amplification

Now we discuss these factors in a precise way. A source is a home theater’s unit that creates the sound of five or seven different channels. You can only listen to stereo output if you have a 5.2 channel home theater, but the source is a stereotype. After the source, the second most crucial part of the home theater is AVR. AVR provides all necessities of power to the speakers, subwoofers,and amplifiers.


All good things have a price. The same thing is applied here. Multi-channel home theater is an expensive system. The installation of this system is costly and requires professionals to install this system, so the overall installation is also costly. But after all these expenses, the sound quality that you get from this system can blow your mind.Multi-channel home theater will take you and your music and movie watching and listening experience to the next level

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