Steering Wheel: A Detailed Guide About How To Unlock Steering Wheel Without Key?

You’ve probably encountered difficulties starting your car frequently, but it isn’t a problem when the wheel is locked. When there is no assistance close by, you should know how to unlock steering wheel without key yourself. Before that, let’s find the reason why the steering wheels are locked.

Why do steering wheels lock?

You may be wondering why your steering wheel would suddenly lock even though you did nothing to change it. There are two main motives for wheel locking. The first reason is safety reasons. Therefore, every time you switch off your ignition and remove the car key, the wheel is locked. The automakers have added this feature in the car to ensure that it does not move off on its own.

The other is to safeguard your vehicle from theft. Intelligent or naughty people can steal your car using the hotwire method. To stop this from happening, manufacturers include this feature in vehicles. If you now know the reason steering wheels lock.

What must we know about how to unlock steering wheel without key?

It’s unnecessary to have all the devices take control of your car’s steering:

  • WD40
  • A socket set
  • Screwdrivers

How to unlock steering wheel without key?

Method 1: Taking control of your steering yourself

1. Try inserting the key

Be sure that the key is turned simultaneously. If the locking happens accidentally or otherwise, this trick can fix it with a click. Tips on unlocking the steering wheel without keys Use the normal force. If you feel you are moving faster or less than you would expect, which could be the case most of the time, you can try turning it towards the opposite side. Don’t apply pressure to prevent damaging the mechanism permanently.

2. Try using a different key

Try another key in case #1 fails. Sometimes, the issue could be in the legend. Maybe you were the last owner of the used vehicle you purchased didn’t maintain it well. Chances are it will be successful. If your spare key does not change immediately, Try. However, there is an opportunity that newer vehicles won’t have the spare key.

3. If nothing else works, Try spraying WD40

If that doesn’t work, spray WD40 inside the slot for ignition if all else fails. The wheel may be stuck due to the solidification of locks, and this technique can help release it from the lock’s cylinder. 

Method 2: Unlocking Through Ignition Set Replacement

This one is a little complicated, but you’ll need to resort to it if the earlier options don’t work. You might also require an expert mechanic to help get this done. You should read your car’s owner’s manual carefully before handling the control wheel lock.

1. Take the column panels off

The column panels must be removed from the wheel. Loosen the screws which fix the lower section of the wheel. Push the tabs of the covers, and then the lower area will be released. Also, remove the upper column too.

2. Unlock the lock cylinder

The lock cylinder can be released by locating the release tab of the lock within the locking mechanism for ignition, then pressing it and pressing the key until the cylinder is moving backward.

3. Install the new ignition lock system.

Insert the lock cylinder in the same way before in the wheel column. Be sure to insert the lock tab into the lock cylinder before moving on. Verify that the key is fully turning. Make sure you’re able to do this before you reset the columns.

4. Install the columns

Install the columns; initially, you will need the top and lower ones. Make sure that all clips are engaged and are locking securely. Secure it with a tight screw to ensure that everything is secure. This is the second way of unlocking the steering wheel with no key.

Method 3: Leasing sticky locks to unlock

Another option for breaking the steering wheel lock with no key is loosening sticky locks.

1. Place an electrically charged cleaner in the keyhole.

You can spray a tiny portion of the electrical cleaning agent in the keyhole if the cylinder has been seized. Make sure you put in the “small amount” of the sprayer. After that, insert the key and turn it forth to let the lubricant soak in.

2. Spray canned air in the ignition.

There is a chance that the dust caught in the ignition may block keys from rotating, and the steering wheel becomes locked. Use the canned air sprayer, and place the straw of the sprayer straight into the hole in your key. It will assist in cleaning all debris from the keyhole.

Spray canned air in the ignition.

3. The key can be gently inserted and out of time.

Debris may become stuck in the ignition cylinder’s pins in the next step. Cylinder. Therefore, moving the key gently can help move any debris trapped within the cylinder.

4. Check that the key isn’t bent or otherwise damaged.

In some instances, there are instances where the chipped or rounded teeth of the key might stop engaging the pins inside the ignition cylinder to the extent required for it to spin. The key won’t spin when you insert it into the ignition. You could replace the key if it is damaged enough to be able to turn the ignition. The dealership should be able to fix your car because copying the damaged keys will not help resolve the issue.

Additional Advice

Several of these processes are only applicable to particular car models. It’s possible to complicate the issue if you’re not careful or need to know what you’re doing. A stuck steering wheel should be repaired by a professional if you need more confidence in your ability to do it.

It is also important to check the power steering fluid level and condition when you experience steering wheel problems. You may experience steering problems if you run low on this fluid.

Check your vehicle’s guide manual for ignition set replacement information if you use a DIY approach.


It’s all about How To Unlock Steering Wheel Without Key? Try these maintenance techniques to avoid an array of problems at home. You can also seek help from a professional when you need it.

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