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Apartments in Islamabad on installments

There has been an increase in the real estate activity taking place in Islamabad. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, and an increase in the population has led to a boom in the city’s real estate sector. Along with housing projects, many apartments are being constructed in Pakistan.

Many of these apartments offer installment programs that make payment more manageable. Here are some apartments in Islamabad that allow people to purchase apartments in installments. Payment plan of Park View City. 

Springs apartment homes

Springs apartment homes Islamabad is a residential building located on the Islamabad Expressway and is near the Gangal west. The authorities approved Springs apartment homes and are hence a legal housing project. The Orbit developers developed the project, making apartments in several Pakistan cities, including Lahore and Rawalpindi.

Apartments built by them have always done commercially well and have a very high demand. They have both studio and average apartments having 2, 3- and 5-bedroom apartments. Springs apartment homes offer several facilities to provide the best lifestyle to its residents. The project has its mini grocery store, a fitness center, a swimming pool, and a coffee shop. The best feature of this project is its accessible installment programs. People can purchase the apartment and pay the money in 12 easy monthly installments.

Riverwalk luxury apartments

 Riverwalk is located among the lush green mountains giving a scenic view to all its residents. It is in Islamabad’s river gardens housing scheme and is developed by the Ace group. The vision of the Ace group is to raise the benchmark for apartments in Islamabad and provide residents with unmatched luxuries. The building consists of 6 floors, and each floor has multiple apartments.

The apartments are all made uniquely to cater to different needs, and hence the building can attract all types of investors. Besides being an ideal place to live, apartments in Riverwalk also act as a good investment. The prices of the apartments are constantly rising, resulting in a high investment yield for the investors. The apartment offers several installment programs that make payment easier for people. As a buyer, you only have to initially give the down payment and give the rest of the money in monthly installments.

Margalla gateway towers

Margalla gateway towers is an apartment building located in E-11 Islamabad. Margalla gateway towers promise to provide luxuries at an affordable price. Margalla gateway has several features that make it stand out from other apartment buildings nearby.

Margalla gateway towers have a shopping mall, a grocery store, and an indoor gym. Furthermore, to provide comfort to the residents at all times, margalla gateway towers have their own backup generator to avoid any load shedding.

The project provides a safe living environment to its residents by having guards on duty and an active security system. Margalla gateway towers have quality control checks and provide maintenance services to ensure that the apartments stay up to date. The building has its own high-speed elevators to provide as much convenience as possible. Margalla gateway towers are approved projects; thus, investing in them carries no risk.

Despite all the facilities, the apartments are reasonably priced and come under the reach of someone living on a nominal income. To make apartments even more affordable, there are numerous installment programs offered by the building. Buyers can take advantage of these programs and divide the payment into monthly installments. Location of Park View City Lahore. 


The apartments, as mentioned earlier buildings are one of the most talked-about projects in Islamabad. They provide luxurious and spacious apartments along with several other facilities. Their accessible installment programs allow individuals on low incomes to purchase an apartment without compromising on the quality. If you plan on investing in any of these apartments, it is advised that you do detailed research and also look into the installment programs offered.

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