A Comprehensive Guide About Types Of Wallets, Their Materials And Other Facts

The right wallet is crucial for any man, but it can be challenging to choose. Function and style are two things to look for in a man’s wallet. It is an overlooked accessory in most cases because it sits in your pocket. However, when you present your ID or pay for something, it can be a style statement that shows off your personality and personal style. If you want your wallet to work for you, it needs to have room for your everyday carry items such as cash, credit cards, health insurance cards, and identification cards. This guide is all about types of wallets.

Types of wallets

The following is a list of all the different types of wallets that are designed for men:

1.    Wallet hybrid slim

Although many wallet designs have been around for years, the new slim wallets have begun to gain traction. Men tend to prefer these wallets since they have a much more low-profile design. 

The wallet pictured above by Radix is made of polycarbonate and secured with a silicone band. Moreover, it is incredibly compact and lightweight. The case is an excellent choice for men who want to store all their items in a safe container while being very flat. However, money storage in these wallets may be an issue for some men.

2.    Bank clip wallet

Wallets such as the classic money clip are perfect for men who have a minimalist mindset and prefer just the bare essentials when it comes to how much stuff they keep in their pockets. 

The fact that many super cool inventions have also popped up on Kickstarter is a plus. In addition, if your wallet is becoming less important than options such as Apple Pay, it might be time to scale back on what you carry.

3.    Bifold wallets

This is likely the oldest type of wallet structure. It features a simple design that allows you to easily access your cards and cash with a lift of the flap. There are several wallets, but the bi-fold design is among the most popular.

Bifold wallets are famous for their slim designs, making them among the most appealing options. A bifold wallet is highly versatile and comfortable for those who want to comfortably sit down without feeling like they are sitting on a lump while still having all their cards, cash, and receipts in order. A bifold wallet also looks great!

4.    The trifold wallet  

The trifold wallet is also a classic design heavily favored by men, like the bifold wallet above. 

The most significant difference between a trifold and a conventional folder is the number of compartments it typically contains. Because of this, if you tend to carry more cards than the average person, a trifold is a perfect choice. However, it would help if you kept in mind that overstuffing your trifold will cause it to bulge and may cause discomfort when sitting down for long periods. For this reason, it’s essential to clean out your trifold wallet regularly.

5.    Balance with pockets (i.e., the front pocket wallet)

Adding pockets to the traditional money clip design seen above is known as a front pocket wallet – this design is also known as a hybrid wallet. Despite still being thin, this money clip is designed to fit into either the front or back pocket and has a few compartments for both your cards and your cash. Compared to the more straightforward money clip, this design offers the most significant advantage for daily use. Thanks to its few compartments, you won’t have to fumble between cash and credit cards when making a quick purchase.

Wallets Can Be Made Of what Materials?

The leather may be dominant when it comes to all the different types of wallets currently available in the marketplace. Still, if you search carefully, you can also find alternative materials.

Like the Radix slim wallet, which we discussed above, Wallets have a body constructed from polycarbonate and silicone bands to keep the plates in place. Alternatively, Herschel produces a polyester-based wallet that may be acceptable to people who disagree with the use of animal products. Beyond leather and polyester, other materials are also used to make wallets, such as vinyl, canvas, aluminum, etc.

Style is everything with metal wallets, which offer various alternatives. Metal is a sturdy and resilient material, making it ideal for persons more prone to travel outside or in harsh environments where the likelihood of damage is more significant. The variety of cutting-edge fashions that metal is available in is its greatest asset.

However, when you are deciding on the wallet that will work best for you, there are many options you can choose from, and therefore you should be able to find one that suits your needs for any occasion and frequency of use.

What Is the Value of an RFID Wallet?

Due to the increase in chip-based credit cards, one of the wallets that have started to gain popularity is those with a fabric shield sewn into it to prevent thieves from taking your credit card number.

There is debate over whether an RFID blocking wallet is practical. Still, it is worth the added protection, especially if you live in a large city where you frequently use public transportation (subway, bus, ferry, etc.).

Is this wallet going to be used for a long time?

As we discussed the different materials above, one crucial aspect to consider is how long the wallet should last. As for me, I have always considered that a simple leather wallet should be able to last for a long time.

The old Coach Leather trifold wallet I have in the picture was purchased around 2003, and you can see it has seen better days after approximately 13 years of use.

Suppose you continue to use a wallet heavily. In that case, the stitching around the edges of the wallet or the folds will begin to fray and eventually fall apart (mainly when you use a trifold wallet).

Materials will likely wear down more quickly if the materials used are canvas, polyester, or other natural fabrics. 

Because of this, it’s essential to recognize buying a wallet isn’t necessarily a ‘buy it for life’ type of investment – whatever the manufacturer may claim.

Even a $100 wallet will probably break down after extended use.

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