How to choose the best Bikini according to your body type?

When the summer season hits, people start planning their aquatic adventures. Some people go swimming in the pools while some plan for a beach trip. If there is water involved, you will need some swimsuits for yourself wherever you plan. You can get your hands on different types of bikini sets through the internet.

In Australia, swimming sports holds a unique position in the social circle as it has been there for more than a hundred years. It helps stay fit, but it is also suitable for mental health. Swimming also helps in improving women’s menstrual health, so every woman must get involved with it when they get a chance.

If you are also interested in water sports, swimming, or spending a day at the beach, you must purchase a bunch of swimwear based on your body type. The following points will inform you about the best swimsuits according to different body types:

Apple-shaped bodies

People with apple-shaped bodies usually have slender bottoms and fuller busts and midriffs. To enhance their figure, such women must wear swimwear that consists of halter tops and high waist bottoms. It will provide full coverage and also flatten their tummy area. If you have an apple-shaped body, then you can also go for a one-piece swimsuit so that you can comfortably roam around.

Hourglass body type

The hourglass body type is characterized by equal measurements of hips and busts with a narrow waist. Any bikini would look great on that shape, for example, classic bikini sets, embellished ones, strapless, asymmetric necklines, high necklines, low waist bottoms, etc. You can experiment with different styles.

Pear-shaped body type

The pear-shaped body type consists of slimmer shoulders and busts but wider and curvy bottoms. You can experiment with your pear-shaped body by wearing bikinis that have colourful and vibrant tops. It should highlight your upper body and create a visual balance.

Heart-shaped body type

The heart shape body type is the opposite of pear shape body type. In this shape, the shoulders are broad, and the lower body is slim and slender. So, you must enhance your heart shape body by wearing simple tops, and vibrant bottomwear.

Other than the body type, many people find it challenging to buy a swimsuit because of various other reasons. The following points are some of the reasons that might stop you from going out into the sun, and it will help you find a suitable swimwear based on these reasons:

Sun damage

People have different skins, but those who have sun-sensitive skin don’t prefer going out into the sun, especially on the beaches, because they can’t expose their skin to sunlight. However, considering this issue, the manufacturers make full coverage sun-protective swimsuits that you can wear to protect your skin from sun damage. For example, you can wear a full-coverage top and bikini bottoms or simply wear full sleeves swimwear. You can find such options in any supply store.


People who are obese find it embarrassing to wear swimwear and go out in public, which is why they cannot enjoy the summer season. But you can rest assured as many brands are making beautiful swimwear for gorgeous plus-size bodies out there. You can find any variety based on your style.

All these points mentioned above help you find the best swimwear for yourself. So, be prepared for the summer.

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