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Tips to Create a Real Estate Website in 30 Minutes!

Are you excited about creating your first-ever real estate website? Surely you are wondering how to begin. This blog is a quick guide for you to create a website real quick. Despite what people believe, with proper guidance, it is easier and simpler to build a website. 

For beginners in the real estate industry, your focus should be on creating features and a clear real estate directory. So if you want to have passive income through an online directory, here’s what you need to do. 

1- Register your domain name 

If you take a look at gulberg executive housing Multan you will notice they have an official website that displays required information, updates, and announcements. But first, their domain name represents the housing scheme. 

The domain name is the online identity with which people will reach your website. It should be common, easy to understand, and simple – something users can remember. With the internet being so highly populated, it is challenging to get the domain name of your choice. So you need to keep alternative options in mind too. 

2- Pick a web hosting plan

It’s more complex than just picking a domain name. There are several web hosting providers with a plan under your budget. 

Hosting is necessary for starting any website. For instance, you can use Bluehost hosting for your real estate website. Because there are plenty of options, you can choose different plans. However, if you are skeptical, a basic plan is enough to get you started. 

3- Install WordPress 

The next step is to build the software you will be using. It’s easy to build a website today with just a flair for design with the help of building blocks. 

WordPress is highly recommended to build any website. For your real estate business, you can easily use pre-built themes and use massive plugins existing in WordPress. The benefit of using WordPress is that originally it was used as a CMS (Content Management System). It allows you to increase content to grow site traffic. So your real estate business queries will increase if you are able to update more content, right?

The fun part is no coding is required to use WordPress! 

4- UX design

As a real estate business owner, you understand the importance of design and features that appeal to the target audience, right? 

The first impression matters the most for an online audience. If you want users to come and stick to your page make the website more authentic looking with added features, widgets, and whatnot. Any real estate website has a particular brand voice. It also goes without saying that you need to list the property’s images in the listing. It builds credibility. 88% of the sales increase because house listings had photos which fasten the sale process. 

5- Searchability 

Users are likely to want properties in specific areas (for a certain number of reasons) which means they will also be looking for certain price ranges and amenities. 

When creating the real estate website, add the required pages that sell the right information. For instance, properties in Multan can include major areas and old and new housing schemes. Adding the images, information about the property, payment plans, and so on all attributes that will contribute to the sale. 

So, to increase searchability, offer the information your client is looking for. 

6- Be mobile-friendly 

Before becoming the proud owner of your real estate website, I’m sure as a user you must have often surfed a website on your mobile. Imagine going through a website that looks terrible on your mobile and does not show the right information. 

Whichever tool you decide to choose, it should make the website mobile optimized. Mobile devices are small, therefore build a website that will not alienate your clients into bouncing. 

WordPress has themes, and Responsive Themes, that make the site more mobile-friendly, so try those as well.


When building the real estate website, do not ignore the IDX or Internet Data Exchange. It will help you deal with multiple listing services. 

Real estate is a highly competitive industry. With the tough competition, real estate agents, and owners should take full advantage of the internet and online platforms to conjure the website to sell their services and properties. Follow these tips closely to start your journey now!



Olivia is a seasoned blogger with a flair for lifestyle and fashion. With over 6 years of experience, she shares her passion for the latest trends and styles, offering inspiration and guidance to her audience on all things lifestyle-related.

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