How HDFC Bank helps in getting a Personal Loan through Savings Account

Are you having a financial emergency but are short on cash? Want to buy a new car but running low on funds? Or maybe you are just planning a foreign trip and need a little help financially to make it possible. Whatever your financial emergency might be, a personal loan might be the best solution for you. Because of its convenience and hassle-free process, personal loans these days are amongst the best options when it comes to solving your financial emergencies. HDFC bank offers some of the best saving account for children. In this blog, you will learn how HDFC bank helps get a personal loan with a quick personal loan balance transfer through a savings account.

While getting personal loans these days has become easier, sometimes it can be a long wait. After submitting the application with your documents, the loan approval and personal loans balance transfer can take anywhere between one to seven days, and the disbursal can take a few more days. However, in case of certain emergencies like a medical one, you may need money in a short span of time, and there might be no scope for waiting for a few days. In such a situation, your HDFC savings bank account, which is also the best saving account for children, will come to the rescue through which you will be able to secure the funds related to the personal loans balance transfer within a few hours, sometimes even within a few seconds. Apart from being the best saving account for children, other benefits of getting an HDFC bank personal loans include easy documentation, hassle-free loan processing, quick approval, lower interest rates, and flexible fund usage. 

Get a Personal Loan from HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank assists you in getting a personal loan and getting a personal loan balance transfer conveniently if you have a savings account with them. According to the bank, when you open a savings account with them, you entrust them with your money. To repay the faith, they get you out of a financial crunch when you need it the most. When you open up a savings account with HDFC bank, which is the best saving account for children, you become eligible for a personal loan within four hours. Over time, some trusted customers even become eligible for a pre-approved loan where they can secure a loan in just 10 seconds.

You can follow the following steps:

Check eligibility:

Visit the official website of the HDFC bank and check your eligibility for a personal loan in a quick time. They have also provided a personal loan eligibility calculator for select branches. If you are an HDFC bank customer who is pre-approved, you will be able to get funds in 10 seconds. A loan is granted in less than four hours for other eligible customers. There is also an option of getting the funds within one working day of document submission.

Apply for a personal loan online:

The HDFC bank has simplified the process of applying for a personal loan online. You can make an application for a personal loan online in just a few clicks.

Protect your loan:

For personal loans security, HDFC bank has the option of securing your loan with the help of the Sarv Suraksha Pro scheme. The key features of this scheme include:

  • A credit shield cover which equals the amount of the outstanding personal loan amount.
  • A cover of around Rs. 8 lakhs for accidental hospitalisation.
  • A cover of up to Rs. 1 lakh in case of accidental death or permanent disability.


As a personal loan is an unsecured type of loan, you do not need to provide any assets as collateral. With pocket-friendly repayment plans and affordable interest rates, a personal loan balance transfer is the best option for your financial needs beyond your earning capacity. We hope that the information provided above about the HDFC personal loans acquisition with the help of a savings bank account will help you in times of need! 

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