How To Stop Swimwear From Fading

Swimwear is a fashion item that may be thrown away after one use. This can get expensive, especially for people who are not big on shopping for new swimsuits all the time. 

Swimwear is often worn for an extended period in warm climates. This exposure to the sun and water can cause swimwear to fade. There are a few reasons why swimwear may fade.

One reason is that swimwear is often made of synthetic materials, especially one-piece swimwear. Unfortunately, these materials do not hold up as well to the elements, which can cause them to fade quickly.

Another reason swimwear may fade because the fabric may become rough due to rubbing against the skin. This can lead to tears in the fabric, which will cause it to fade. Finally, sweat and oil can also cause Swimwear fabrics to become faded and discoloured.

Caring for One-Piece Swimsuits

Keeping one-piece swimwear looking new for as long as possible can be tough. Luckily, there are a few functional, simple tips you can follow to help prolong the life of your swimsuits; here are a few:

  • Keep them stored in a cool, dry place: Exposure to direct sunlight and humidity can quickly cause swimsuits to fade. Store them properly in a consistently cool and dry place where they won’t be subjected to extreme temperatures or humidity.
  • Avoid wearing the same piece too often: Extended periods of wear can also lead to swimsuit fading. If you only intend on wearing your swimsuit once or twice per year, it will likely last much longer than if you wear it every day.
  • Wash them regularly: Swimming in chlorine can damage fabrics over time, so wash your swimsuits at least once a week.

Tips to Extend the Shelf Life of One-Piece Swimwear

  • Keep them stored in a cool, dry place. 
  • Avoid exposure to chlorine and salt water. 
  • Don’t wear one-piece swimwear if they are torn or too dirty. 
  • Don’t bleach them. 
  • Don’t put them in the dryer.

Signs Your Swimwear Is Fading

  • The fabric is thin and starts to tear easily.
  • The colours are starting to fade and become less vibrant.
  • The seams are starting to come loose and lose their shape.
  • The design is becoming outdated and not as appealing as it used to be.

How To Remove Fading Swatch Marks

If you’ve ever noticed faded swatch marks on your swimwear, you’re not alone. Swatch fading is a common problem with swimsuits, and there’s no surefire way to prevent it. However, you can take a few functional steps to minimise the appearance of faded swatch marks.

If your swimsuit is stretched out or washed too often, it will be more susceptible to fading. Instead, keep your swimwear in storage or dryer when not wearing it. This will help prevent it from becoming stretched out and easy to fade.

Another tip for preventing swatch fading is to avoid exposing your swimwear to direct sunlight or heat. Both of these elements can cause the fabric to fade quickly. Instead, keep your swimwear in a cool and dark place when not wearing it. This will help protect the fabric and prolong its lifespan.

Tips for Dealing with Faded Swimwear

  • Follow the washing instructions on the garment label. 
  • Keep swimwear away from sunlight and water spots. 
  • Use a preservative if desired. 
  • Dry swimwear entirely before storing.


Swimwear is one of the essential pieces of clothing you will ever own, and it’s essential to actively take good care of it so that it lasts as long as possible. Here are a few tips to help you stop swimwear from fading:

  • Store your swimwear in a watertight container
  • Avoid washing swimwear in chlorine pools or baths
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for caring for swimwear

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