4 Reasons Why You Need To Clean Your Home’s Exterior

Wondering why you should take the time to clean your home’s exterior? The answer lies in the following four reasons.

Properly Maintained Exteriors Increase Value

Properly maintained exteriors can increase your home’s value. Besides improving curb appeal, a well-maintained exterior means less pests and weeds that require you to do more maintenance later on. This will save you time, money, and effort in the long run! These are just some of the reasons why you need to clean your home’s exterior: -Improves curb appeal -Protects against pests and weeds -Saves time, money, and effort

Dirt & Debris Can Cause Damage

One of the main reasons you should clean your home’s exterior is because dirt and debris can cause damage. For example, animal droppings and standing water provide a breeding ground for mosquitos which are a potential threat to your health. When vegetation dies and decomposes, it also causes an odor. Leaving unsecured gutters may lead to them breaking loose during a storm and causing damage to your roof or gutters themselves. Leaves that have fallen from trees onto your roof can accumulate over time, become wet and weigh down on your shingles which will eventually lead to leaks. Moss that has accumulated on roofs over time increases the weight of a roof by as much as 50%. If moss is allowed to grow unchecked, this could potentially lead to structural failure. Animals such as squirrels, raccoons and rats that reside in attics can cause quite a bit of damage when they decide they want access through holes in the eaves or soffits around your home. Keep up with exterior maintenance and you’ll be rewarded with years of peace-of-mind knowing your property looks good and remains free from pests like these!

Properly Maintained Homes Appear Professional

Having an exterior cleaning goes a long way. When potential buyers look at your home, they will not only see the outward appearance but also what is going on inside. For example, if you have an overgrown lawn or dirty windows, it can affect the impression of buyers and make them think that there is more wrong with the property than meets the eye. Allowing dirt to pile up can result in termites, mold growth and more which are expensive to get rid of. Keep your family safe by taking care of any minor problems early before they become big ones. A good rule of thumb is to clean the exterior once every six months.

Most importantly, your home will be more comfortable for you.

Most importantly, a clean exterior home will make your home more comfortable for you. In the winter, snow and ice can get into the cracks and crevices of your foundation which can lead to water seeping through. Having your gutters free of leaves also prevents water from backing up in them and then going down your walls or into the foundation. Other benefits include removing mold, spiders, and other pests from your home’s exterior that could affect the inside environment. The last reason is that keeping it clean makes it feel like you are living in a nicer place!

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