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How do you maintain Moroccan cement tiles: maintenance and regular maintenance

Encaustic tiles are the gorgeous cement tiles (often with patterns) you might have observed through Instagram, Pinterest or other design websites.

While they’re an attractive option , not just because of their appearance but also the way they feel underfoot, they require more care and maintenance than standard ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Because of the method by which the tiles are constructed and their porous construction It is essential to be careful when installing them, and also for periodic clean-up and upkeep.

I have encaustic tiled in my home. I have had a difficult time finding good advice online about how to maintain cement Moroccan Tile made of encaustic. it is my hope that this blog can help anyone else who has or is contemplating making use of the tiles.


If you’re not yet using Encaustic tiles but are looking into this option, ensure that you only work with a skilled and certified tiler who knows the right products and techniques to be employed.

Encaustic tiles need to be sealed prior to being laid to minimize the possibility from grout, or any other substances staining the tiles after installation . You won’t be the first to be forced to tear up the entire tiles made of encaustic!

Due to the absorptive quality that they possess, the surfaces of the tiles must be maintained as clean as is possible when they are being installed. An experienced tiler should employ a sponge that is damp to clean away any debris when they work.

As important is the process that takes place beneath the tiles. The adhesive must be used and evenly applied on the substrate with trowels with wide, notched edges. The adhesive should also be lightly pressed and not hammered, as this can cause micro cracks.

The spacing between the grouts should be as minimal as is possible — perhaps 1 or 2 millimeters


As I said earlier, the tiles are porous, so they must be cleaned similarly to natural stone.

This means that you are not allowed to utilize any cleaning products that contain abrasive or acidic chemicals, or products that contain bleach.

Utilize a mild, pH-neutral cleaner, such as one designed for natural stone floors and terrazzo flooring. ‘ Aqua Mix Concentrated Stone & Tile Cleaner is a well-known every day option that is available in many tile stores. Make sure to apply the product according to the directions and conduct an initial clean on a tile that is not laid or an unnoticed area to make sure there aren’t any issues.

Maintenance on-going

Every year, the tiles must be cleaned using a high grade tile cleaner (non-acidic) such as ” Stone Deep Clean by Aquamix.

Give your floor two thorough cleanings using this cleaning solution, mixing in water and using a soft brush to clean any dirt or marks off the tiles.

After the tiles are dry, apply an impermeable sealer like ‘ Sealers Choice Gold from Aquamix to shield the tiles.

The sealer can be applied simply pouring small amounts of it onto the tiles. Then, using a clean, dry cloth to spread it out and press it into the tile.

Let dry for eight hours. It is recommended to do this at least once every year.

This article is not sponsored, however, advice on the how to properly care for your encaustic tile was offered by the knowledgeable team of Tile Republic in Canberra. They carry a broad selection of encaustic tiles that you can choose from, as well as all the maintenance products listed in the article.

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