The Dye Sublimation Printing Machine SubliXpress

The SubliXpress is a 72-inch wide industrial dye sublimation printing machine or printer. It features 8 industrial Kyocera print heads and an INK DEGASSING SYSTEM. Unlike traditional printing, the SubliXpress has a large production capacity of 9,000 square meters per day. A variety of advanced features help it meet the demands of large print shops. The machine’s unique design makes it highly adaptable to any environment.

SubliXpress Plus comes with eight industrial Kyocera print heads with variable drop sizes. This feature ensures smooth gradients of color tones, even with large print sizes. This machine’s wide-format capability and ICC profiling for fabric types makes it a good choice for first-time investors or businesses needing high-volume production. With a price tag of around $25,000, the SubliXpress is a great investment.

The SubliXpress Plus has variable-drop-size printheads for variable colour tones. It has a wide-ranging paper capacity and can handle a variety of substrates. Despite its high price, this high-volume dye sublimation printer can deliver remarkably high-quality results. And, unlike its predecessor, it’s also very adaptable to different fabrics. For first-time investors, the SubliXpress is the perfect option.

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SubliXpress Plus is a low-cost printing solution for high-volume needs. Its gold-plated metal encoder enables precise ink jetting at high speeds. Its multiple brush rollers also smooth out the paper while it’s being printed. Its variable-jet technology allows the machine to handle diameter rolls up to 400 mm. With a production rate of 210 square meters per hour, it’s the perfect choice for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Compared to other types of printing machines, the SubliXpress has minimal power consumption. Its variable-drop-size printheads are the main advantages of this high-speed dye sublimation printer. Furthermore, it uses less ink than other types of printers, which makes it better for the environment. Its EPA-certified ink reducer can help reduce the power bill by 50%.

The SubliXpress uses four Kyocera print heads. Its printing resolution is 600×2400 DPI. Its high-speed performance of up to four thousand square metres per day makes it an ideal choice for large-scale businesses. Its wide-scale colour support is another benefit of this machine. Its high-speed capabilities make it a popular choice for various applications.

The SubliXpress is an efficient dye sublimation printing machine that uses a combination of temperature and time to transfer an image from a plastic film or paper to a variety of substrates. Its dual-layer print head uses different types of dyes. The dyes are activated at a temperature of 175 degrees Celsius or 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature will transfer the image from the paper to the substrate.

The SubliXpress is a high-speed industrial dye-sublimation machine with variable dotsize capabilities. It is ideal for printing photographic prints and ID cards. However, this printer is also suitable for printing on textiles and other non-porous materials. Although it is a high-speed machine, it still offers a smooth finish. With a capacity of 9.000 square meters per day, the SubliXpress is a versatile machine.

The SubliXpress is a high-speed industrial machine that can print on most types of fabrics, including polyester and cotton. It is also useful for sportswear printing and can handle thin papers as low as 20 GSM. Its anti-crash sensor ensures that the machine is stable and reliable. Its TST technology is a patented system that offers accurate and synchronized media movement, and is used in many different industries.

The SubliXpress can be purchased as a standalone printing machine or as a kit. The SubliXpress comes equipped with various accessories that allow the machine to work without interruption. A special toner is used for Piezo dye sublimation printers. The inks used in Piezo printers are aqueous. Solvent dyes are used in desktop and large-format machines.

The SubliXpress Plus has an Active Seaming Technology. The Active Seaming Technology smooths out the paper during the feed roll and rewinding of the printed paper. A gold-plated metal encoder and large rubber roller with pneumatic shafts are other features of the SubliXpress Plus. It has a wide range of features, making it a good choice for large print jobs.

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