Top 7 types of good quality wireless headphones 2021

What are the best wireless headphones on the market today? Let’s explore together the top-quality wireless headphones that bring the perfect music experience to the listener below.

How to choose the best wireless Bluetooth headset 2021

Headphone battery life

If you often move, it is best to choose headphones with a battery life of 7.5 hours to more than 20 hours. In particular, we should prefer models with automatic charging boxes to save more time connecting to the charger. Headphone lines will usually have a very long battery life, so people can consider choosing the right headset line.

Coverage ability

Many wireless Bluetooth headsets are now equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 to 5.0. Allows excellent connection within 10m range. However, if other headsets are not equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, we should also prioritize connections from 3 to 5m to experience good sound and avoid jerks and lag when using.

Quality of listening – calling

Many people not only use wireless Bluetooth headsets to listen to music, but also to talk. Therefore, connection and call quality are indispensable. Please note this point before choosing to buy wireless headphones.

Styles and colors

On the market today, there are many designs of Bluetooth headsets with many different designs and colors. This is also one of the criteria that we can give to choose a headset. It is best to buy neutral colors that are easy to use and coordinate such as black, white, dark blue, or gray. Some headset models also have more personality colors for us to choose from such as red, blue, yellow … extremely unique.

Styles and colors

Top 7 types of good quality wireless headphones 2021

What are the best wireless headphones in 2021? Below we have compiled a series of quality headphones that have been highly appreciated by many users in recent times. Let’s discover together now.

1. AirPods Pro Wireless Charge Apple Headphones

The Apple line of wireless headphones must be no stranger to everyone. With a luxurious, solid design, the delicate white color has made many technology followers crazy. In addition, with the upgraded version, the AirPods Pro Wireless Charge Apple headset has added rubber cushions to help prevent slipping when worn. Suitable for those who are often on the move, active, or playing sports. 

With great quality and sound, this is one of the best Bluetooth headphones you should own today.

The H1 chip helps to process high-quality audio with almost zero latency. Active Noise Cancellation technology allows you to create a private music space, unaffected by your surroundings. 

IPX4 water resistance keeps you going outdoors without worrying about sweat and light rain. In particular, the headset also integrates Qi wireless charging technology and supports 5-minute fast charging for 1 hour of use.

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2. JBL Everest Elite 750NC. Headphones

JBL is a technology company from the US, specializing in the production of wireless Bluetooth headsets with quality and battery life that are always at the top. The 40mm driver allows the sound to be transmitted to the headset with high quality, clear, and extremely realistic. 

JBL Everest Elite 750NC wireless headphones can actively control noise by turning on or off ANC (Anti Noise Canceling). Especially Echo Cancellation technology, allowing clear conversations right on a headphone.

Especially during the upcoming Black Friday, there are many discount codes and coupons for JBL Everest Elite 750NC wireless headphones that will help you save more on your purchase.

3. Havit G1 TWS. Headphones

Havit G1 TWS is the best Bluetooth headset in the low price range. With a variety of colors and extremely impressive sports style. Suitable for those who often move and play sports. 

IPX5 water resistance and sturdy earpiece design, allowing for intense exercise but still unaffected. Especially the ability to resist noise and produce an extremely clear sound. This is an in-ear headset suitable for those who are new to wireless Bluetooth headsets.

Havit G1 TWS. Headphones

4. Jabra Elite 75T Gold True Wireless Headphones

Jabra is a high-end headphone company that specializes in providing high-quality headphones for technology lovers. Jabra Elite 75T Gold is a line of headphones suitable for those who often move and talk through headphones. Especially suitable for those who like to listen to music through headphones, with extremely high sound quality and noise cancellation. Create a listening space that is both comfortable, stylish, and very easy to manipulate directly. 

5. LANITH Elite 75T Headphones

LANITH is one of the cheap wireless Bluetooth headset brands with many quality product lines. The LANITH Elite 75T series inherits many of the advantages of today’s quality headphones. 

One of them is IP55 water resistance, using 4 high-quality conversational mics, clear and warm sound quality for an extremely clear music listening experience. Especially with the mode that allows active noise cancellation when Hear Through is turned off or on.

6. Sony Extra Bass Headset WI-SP510/BZ E

Sony Extra Bass WI-SP510/BZ E is a line of quality sports headphones for those who like to run, gym, and play sports. With a solid arc design, up to 15 hours of music playback, and high water resistance. 

The headset also integrates voice control technology to call virtual assistants, floating control buttons to adjust volume, turn on / off functions. Especially the extremely lightweight gives a very comfortable feeling when exercising.

7. Beats Solo3 Wireless MX432/ MV8T2. Headphones

Beats Solo3 is one of Apple’s outstanding lines of wireless Bluetooth headphones. With top-notch sound quality, it creates clear, crisp, realistic sound with high noise resistance.

Beats Solo3 Wireless MX432 / MV8T2 has a battery life of more than 2 days when not in continuous use, helping users to comfortably use it without worrying about running out of battery.

Besides, Beats Solo3’s headset is extremely smooth. Lightweight only 215g. Has the ability to fold and allow the use of 2 more charging ports. Listeners can choose the connection method that suits their needs. These are exactly the best wireless headphones that everyone should own.


Above is the information shared about the best wireless Bluetooth headset in 2021. Hopefully, the information shared above will help you choose the best headset line. Don’t forget to use discount codes and coupons for wireless headphones during Black Friday to save money.

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