Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Step and Repeat Banners

You get to see step & repeat banners everywhere because of their multiple benefits. Marketers love them because it gives their companies and brands valuable exposure to live audiences that get multiplied manifold with photographs being published in the media and shared online. For the uninitiated, step & repeat banners are backgrounds containing logos of the brands sponsoring events. People pose for photographs in front of the backdrop, which get widely circulated in the media. According to StartUs Magazine, sponsoring events can take brand visibility to the next level. However, to maximize their impact, you need to design them right. Some of the top mistakes to avoid include:

Not Entrusting the Design to a Professional

As a concept, a step& repeat banner seems simple, however, several factors need consideration for it to have the desired impact. If an amateur designs the banner, one or more flaws will invariably make the final result look messy, and the sponsoring brands will lose a valuable opportunity for exposure. You also need the banner printed professionally for it to look good.

Choosing the Size Incorrectly 

The size of the banner will depend on various things. They include the kind of event and the number of logos. The distance from the photographer and the number of people in front of the step and repeat banner are other factors. You must make the banner high and wide enough to accommodate everyone without the edges appearing in the photographs. While a height of eight feet generally suffices, you have to customize the width in keeping with the nature of the event. You should ensure that the banner is large enough for the logos to be large enough to be seen from the back rows or by photographers standing at a distance.

Not Optimizing the Logo Size

There are two main challenges when you have multiple logos in the banner. You need to ensure that the logos are large enough to come out well in the photos, which is vital if the design is intricate. The other challenge is to fit the logo enough times, so it appears in the photos even if people in front block most of the view. If you make the logo too large, only parts will be seen in the photo, and you will not be able to fit in as many as you like in the banner design.

Not Allowing Enough White Space 

Using white space in the banner may seem a luxury and a waste of valuable space but not putting in sufficient white space will make the banner messy, and the logos will seem to merge, especially when seen from a distance. By using white space you can separate the brand logos into distinct entities that the sponsors will appreciate, and people will love to see in the media.


Step-and-repeat banners are a valuable tool for marketers sponsoring events to get more exposure to their brands. They are simple but require the designer to focus on the basic principles of background design and keep the event in mind while executing the design. It helps to avoid mistakes that reduce their impact.

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