Aadhaar Card Centres in Chandigarh

Aadhaar Card

The Aadhaar Number is a one-of-a-kind 12-digit identification number that serves as proof of identity and can be used anywhere in India. Because of its authenticity, the aadhaar card can also be used as proof of address. The Indian government has made Aadhaar linking mandatory for obtaining benefits and services such as bank accounts, mobile numbers, LPG subsidy, PAN card, DigiLocker, Mutual Funds, and the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, among others. There are numerous Aadhaar card enrollment centres in Chandigarh, which can be found using UIDAI’s portal.

How to Get an Aadhaar Card

Follow the steps below to register for the Aadhaar once you’ve found an Aadhaar Enrolment Centre in Chandigarh.

Request an Aadhaar Card Enrolment Form at the Chandigarh Centre. You can also download the form from this link and fill it out before bringing it to the Centre.

Fill out the form carefully to avoid careless errors that will make Aadhaar linking difficult later on.

After filling it out, submit it along with the necessary supporting documents, such as an ID proof and proof of address.

The executive will then collect your biometric data via fingerprint and iris scans.

After that, the executive will take a photograph for the Aadhaar card.

Following the collection of information, the executive will issue an acknowledgement slip with a 14-digit Enrolment ID.

Keep this ID because it allows you to track the status of your Aadhaar card application via the UIDAI website. In most cases, you’ll get your Aadhaar card within 90 days.

The Importance of the Aadhaar Card

The Aadhaar Card has grown in significance and importance because:

The only government-issued document that is available anywhere and everywhere is the Aadhaar Card.

It provides you with a unique identification as an Indian citizen.

It serves as both a photo ID and proof of address.

The Aadhaar Card ensures equality by allocating subsidies to all citizens without discrimination.

Aadhaar Card Eligibility

The applicant must be an Indian citizen living in India, a Non-resident Indian (NRI) living in India, or a Foreigner living in India.

It should be noted that even newborns can register for Aadhaar. However, no biometric data will be collected from children under the age of five.

Documents Required for Aadhaar Card

For enrolment of Aadhaar Card following documents are required:

TypeName of the Document
Mandatory DocumentsProof of Identity (PoI)Proof of Address (PoA)Proof of Date of Birth (DoB)
Optional DocumentsProof of Relationship (PoR)

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