Paper Shredding Tips for Your Business

Shredding important documents has long been a method for keeping sensitive information away from prying eyes. However, a lot Paper goes into this process than just buying some machine and putting documents through it. Consider the following advice, for example.

Go with Superior Paper Shredding

If you’ve ever used a conventional store-bought paper shredder, you’re probably familiar with the outcome: horizontal strips of whatever document was submitted. Sometimes, these strips are so large, though, you can easily make out the words on them.

What you want is a cross-cut shredder. These machines take your documents and cut them from two different directions. The result is scraps that make words very difficult to make out. Furthermore, they make it almost impossible for anyone to reconstruct a document. Believe it or not, with wider strips, many people have been able to put documents right back together and read sensitive information just fine. Have you seen the movie Argo?

Hire a Local Paper Company to Do It

Paper shredding isn’t actually something you need to handle in-house. Though it may seem like it makes more sense to handle your company’s own shredding, the counterintuitive truth is that you’re probably better off paying a third-party to do it.

Choosing professional shredding services makes sense because if you try taking care of it from within your company, it means some employee is going to be privy to all kinds of sensitive information. Unless one of the company officers is going to do it, you have to find a pretty specific candidate to take on this role.

First, they have to have enough time in their schedule to dedicate to shredding all your documents. Second, you have to be able to trust that if they see anything important, they won’t go telling others. Third, and along the same lines, you’ll need someone who gets paid well enough that they won’t break your trust.

Enjoy the Benefits of Going Paper

Another reason it makes sense to start shredding documents is because you’ll end up saving room in your office. More and more companies are switching to a paperless form of document management. Now you can get rid of all the hard copies of documents you no longer need. Many companies will have all kinds of leftover space from where physical documentation were once stored.

Furthermore, all that paper is a fire hazard. While you won’t want to shred every document your company has, by getting rid of the bulk of it, you can keep what truly matters locked away in a fire-proof safe.

Hopefully, the above will show you how to get more from your company’s paper shredding. Because whether you’re looking to save money by going paperless or simply increase the security of sensitive information, shredding documents makes a lot of sense when you’re doing it right. By hiring professionals to handle it for you, your company can also ensure it always gets done right.

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