6 Employee challenges in the workplace + bonus solutions

6 Employee challenges in the workplace + bonus solutions

Numerous challenges in organizations exist. If you’re facing them, you’re not alone! You may be working in the best company in the world and still face certain challenges that can make you feel miserable. However, that shouldn’t discourage you or make you quit your dream job as each of these tricky situations comes with a solution!

Companies that work on overcoming the challenges and helping their employees tend to have higher success rates. So, if you want your business to succeed, take a look at these 6 challenges employees face in the modern workplace environment and how to overcome them.

1. Fitting in challenges

The sole change of the job can be stressful. When you add the trouble of fitting in on top of that, you’ll get dissatisfied employees who are ready to change their job again! On top of that, getting in touch with new people, organizational culture and distinctive rules can be frustrating and frightening to some. So, what can you do?


Since high turnover rates lead to more costs for the organization, the HR department should implement tailored onboarding strategies that will help new hires blend in with the environment. On top of that, you should encourage employees to ask questions, be friendly and open to their colleagues. After all, they don’t have to become best friends, just a functional team.

Fitting in challenges

2. Workplace bullying or harassment

Workplace bullying, harassment, and discrimination are sadly more common than you might think! Whether the colleagues are jeopardizing your integrity, or the managers are discriminating, you shouldn’t put up with that kind of behaviour, ever. Condescending behaviour, exclusion, gossip, and violence can all be part of it as well. So, keep your eyes open.


Instead of running away, try to deal with bullies assertively. Keep track of their behaviour and report to your supervisor for help. In times like these having social support means the most, so find the person you can trust in case things escalate. Lastly, you can take legal action against harassers.  For example, if you’re an employee experiencing any signs of pregnancy discrimination, you should keep a record for evidence and hire the best employment lawyer that will help in filing your case.

3. Glass ceiling syndrome

Do you feel like you’ve reached the peak of your career in the company? You’re probably experiencing a phenomenon called the glass ceiling. It happens when you want to advance, but the current employer isn’t willing to take the next career step with you. Therefore, you may feel like you’re looking through the glass ceiling at your next position.


Even though this seems like a dead-end, there are still a couple of things you can do to overcome this challenge. Discuss with your supervisor your need for advancement. Include HR if possible and try to create a career path with your goals included. Also, you can prove your worth to the employer and ask for feedback about your work. In the end, identify the skills, abilities, and knowledge you need to obtain to be promoted.

Glass ceiling syndrome

4. Lack of time management challenges

Time management is a broad term that includes many different forms of management. Therefore, it can be decomposed into various different issues. One of them is a lack of time management skills, while the other is a poor organization within the company that causes unnecessary delays and issues. How can you overcome each of these situations?


Instead of panicking about the poor organization, you can prioritize your work according to the urgency and importance. Create to-do lists before you start your day to make the workflow easier to follow. Also, become an active listener when chatting with your colleagues, and you may pick up some great tips from them!

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5. Poor internal communication

One of the most frustrating things in the office is poor internal communication. Navigating between different communication styles is exhausting. On the other hand, poor internal communication leads to disengagement, job dissatisfaction, and decreased productivity at the workplace. This issue doesn’t only target employees, but the entire company as well!


One of the easiest ways of ensuring information gets to everyone is by implementing an intranet. Intranet can help you navigate the employees, inform them about the current happenings, as well as help them communicate better. It should be an integral part of internal communication strategy as information needs to travel in all directions!

 Poor internal communication

6. Boring tasks/challenges

Let’s face it, you’re a lucky one if every work task is fun and interesting to you. Not every assignment you get will be a piece of cake! Therefore, you’ll have to face some less entertaining, dull tasks that need to be completed. If tasks like these happen too often, motivation will decrease, which leads to higher fluctuation and job disengagement. Is there a way you can prevent or overcome that?


The first thing you should do is ask for additional tasks that might make your job more enjoyable. Also, you can help your colleagues complete their assignments. Don’t forget to talk to your supervisor about your work. Even changing the role within the same company can be a win-win situation for all.

Wrapping up

These are only 6 of many common workplace challenges that are troubling employees all over the world. However, solutions lay behind each corner! Remember that even the most perfect companies face some challenges that make the employees want to leave. So, try to come up with as many solutions as possible to retain your workforce!

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