The Different Types of Banner Stands and Their Functions

The banner stand is an essential part of every business’s exhibition equipment, but how will you understand which banner stand is the best and what purpose will it serve? In this article, we will review some of the popularly used banner stands, which will help you, decide which one to choose.

Roller Banner Stands

Roller banner stands are the ideal choice if you’re looking for a conventional and reliable resource. Roller banner stands are the usual solution for trade shows and exhibitions because they are simple to assemble, lightweight, and compact. This sort of banner stand is the most common and is a perfect choice for helping you stand out from the crowd, communicating your message, and presenting your band.

Tension Banner Stands

Tension banner stands are equally simple to use just like roller stands, but they have the added benefit of allowing you to change graphics while they are on display. It is perfect when participating in a tradeshow or various events, as you can easily replace your image whenever you think it is needed. To maximize your space, you can also select a double-sided option and display different marketing messages through your standing banner.

Desktop Banner Stands

If you have the space, a floor-standing banner stand is an apt choice; nevertheless, they sometimes get in the way. The simple alternative is a desktop banner stand. As smaller counterparts of their floor-standing relatives, these items are indeed capable of attracting attention and can be utilized alongside the bigger ones to offer extra information, market a specific service or product, or even convey crucial contact information.

Rigid Banner Stands

Depending on the available space and the message you wish to communicate, a rigid banner stand may be the best choice. This A-frame stand, which employs adjustable bungee cords to retain a tight grip on the display, is one of the most common options. Additionally, it is simple to install and the ideal lightweight solution.

Outdoor Banner Stands

Most of the banner stands are only suited for indoor use. Thus, it is necessary for you to have the proper advertising graphic exhibit for outdoor events. The best solution is to opt for an outdoor weather-protected banner stand that is as simple to assemble as its indoor counterparts. If your graphic is printed on vinyl, then most certainly it will be weatherproofed.

Fabric Roller Banner Stands

A polyester banner stand may not serve your purpose well in many cases for a number of reasons. So, a cloth alternative is highly recommended. If you choose a fabric banner stand, you can quickly alter the designs and use it more as an active board. Alternately, you can adapt your displays to attach with Velcro and customize this banner stand for every event by attaching them to this banner stand.


Generally, the type of event you are attending, the amount of available space, and your budget will determine which banner stand is best for your needs. However, if you understand how each banner type operates, it’s simple to evaluate which one is the best option.

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