7 Cancer Preventing Habits to Adopt Now

Cancer preventing is one of the most discussed subjects.

Every day we hear about many cancer preventing stories. Some of them are motivating and can leave us scared. No matter what, there is a lot about cancer that we are previously told. Cancer preventing is a deadly disease that poses a significant impact on your overall health. 

I have seen my uncle suffering from rectal cancer. After he started showing symptoms, we took him to the best oncologist in Karachi who was diagnosed with cancer. However, seeing him struggling was one of the most terrible experiences. So, yes it can be really hard to deal with cancer.

But the good part is that cancer remains a preventable disease despite the involvement of our genetics. We know, that cancer has a lot to do with your lifestyle. We all know the popular myths saying eating red meat can cause cancer or microwaving your food can cause you cancer. Putting these myths aside, we know that the role of lifestyle habits is undeniable.

Best Tips to Prevent Cancer

So, yes these lifestyle interventions play a key role in determining our susceptibility to the development of cancer. Here are some of the best picks that can help you to prevent the onset of cancer.

1- Consume Healthy Foods

I am sure you have heard about the foods to eat or avoid to prevent the onset of cancer. These foods play an important role in the onset of cancer. 

For example, if you consume foods that are rich in antioxidants it tends to lower the oxidative stress in your body which is your sure shot against cancer prevention. Try to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Further, make sure to avoid the intake of too many processed foods and avoid overprocessing these foods… 

2- Maintain a Healthy Weight

We already know how important it is to have ideal body weight. We all know being overweight or obese increases your risk of suffering from several ailments. This also accounts for cancer prevention.

However, being overweight doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get cancer but it only increases your risk.

3- Quit Sedentary Lifestyle

While you sit for too long in one place, this is also linked with certain types of cancers. 

It’s not always about making you overweight but this also increases your risk of cancer. Make sure to stay sufficiently active to reduce your risk of suffering from cancer by adopting an active lifestyle. A very easy way to do this is to spare 20 minutes at least and devote yourself to one kind of physical activity of your choice. Be it swimming, running or any other physical activity make sure you do it.

4- Quit Smoking

Yes, smoking not only increases your risk of lung damage but also increases your risk of developing lung cancer. Not every patient who smokes is going to end up with cancer but it is an important contributing factor to the onset of cancer. 

It might not be an easy thing to quit smoking but you can gradually do it. Do it on your own by going for low-intensity alternatives or seeking out professional help, know that quitting smoking is important for you.

5- Cancer Screening

No matter what type of cancer we talk about, cancer screening is quite important. As told, in my uncle’s case he was diagnosed based on an endoscopy test. While looking for an endoscopy test price in Pakistan, I realized that cancer screening tests are way more inexpensive than cancer treatment itself.

So, whether it’s breast cancer or any other type of cancer, these screening measures are quite important.

6- Prevent Sun Exposure

Certain types of cancer preventing involve different types of risk factors. In the case of skin cancer, sun exposure serves as an important risk factor, especially among different races. So, make sure to avoid unnecessary exposure to the harmful sun rays that can promote DNA damage which ultimately triggers cancer. 

For the prevention of sunlight damage, you can wear full clothes as well as can wear sunscreen to keep yourself safe from the damage.

7- Get Vaccinated

There is a vaccine for human papillomavirus that is known to cause different types of cancers; from cervical cancer to throat. Luckily we have got the vaccination against these viruses to minimize our risk of developing these cancers. 

So, if you have a high risk of developing these cancer preventing, then it is better to get yourself vaccinated as early as you can.

Bottom Line!

Cancer is deadly illness health of a hundred different types. Though with the right practices it is quite possible to prevent the onset of cancer. These lifestyle interventions are quite easy to make and can be an easy addition to your existing routines. However, if you are already at a high risk of developing cancer, make sure to contact your physician.

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Ava Green

Ava Green is a certified yoga instructor and holistic health coach with a passion for promoting mind-body wellness. With over 5 years of experience in the field, Ava has worked with clients of all ages and backgrounds to help them achieve greater balance and harmony in their lives. She is dedicated to helping people reduce stress, improve their mental health, and cultivate a deeper connection with their bodies through yoga, meditation, and other holistic practices. Ava has written extensively on topics such as mindfulness, self-care, and the benefits of yoga for overall health and well-being. Her mission is to inspire and empower others to live their best lives by embracing a holistic approach to health and wellness. When she's not teaching or writing, Ava enjoys hiking, cooking healthy meals, and spending time with her family.

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