Know The Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer

Robotic prostate cancer surgeon

The surgeon in this field has to be able to efficiently move the surgical arms of the robot with the help of a control panel while sitting in the operating room.

The success of the surgery entirely depends on the surgical skills and experience of the surgeon. Read more to know about the Symptoms of Prostate Cancer.

The robotic system provides surgeons with more accuracy and precision during the surgery than standard surgery. The 360° movement of the robotic arms allows the surgeon to employ the machine with flexibility. It reduces the chances of mistakes during the surgery.

How does it work?

In this surgery, the robotic prostate cancer surgeon makes small incisions with the help of robotic arms into the abdomen of the patient.

The surgeon in the operating room of the Robotic system looks at the procedure of the surgery through the 360° camera that is inserted into the patient with the help of a robotic arm. The camera inserted provides a magnified and three-dimensional view of the area of the surgery.

The benefits of robotic prostate surgery are

Reduced blood loss.

More accuracy and precision.

Reduced risk of post-surgery infections.

Faster post-surgery recovery.

Smaller scars.

Reduced pain and discomfort.

A smaller number of incisions.

Few disadvantages of robotic prostate surgery

The doctor needs to shift to an open procedure of surgery if there are any complications.

It is available only in few centres.

There is a risk of nerve damage as the surgeon has no idea the amount of force used.

There can be a robotic malfunction, though it is rare.

Setbacks of the robotic prostate cancer surgery

The only setback of the surgery is that the robotic prostate cancer surgeon has no idea how much force they are using while pulling or pushing the tissue or how well the stitches are holding tightly in the area. This setback can be tackled with the help of the higher quality of the robotic system and the better clarity of the provided visuals.

To date, only a few hospitals provide this surgical method. In the near future, more hospitals will start employing this method. This method will not replace the surgeons but enhances already existing human surgical skills and experience. It will increase the success rate of the operations. Robotic prostate cancer surgery is also called a robotic prostatectomy. Robotic prostate cancer surgery is the future of cancer treatment.

Results of Surgery:

The skill of the physician to remove all malignant tissue from the body is crucial for cancer control. This is quantified by analyzing surgery margins that are the edge of the tissue taken out in the surgery. After the procedure, the prostate is sent to the Pathology Department to check for margins & cancer grade. It is assumed that all cancerous tissue has been eliminated if the margins are “clean,” or cancer-free.

Whether or not the bladder & surrounding anatomy are unharmed by prostate removal is a major factor in the development of urinary incontinence.

Lower complication rate

Better potency

Higher continence rate

Reduced chances of rising PSA blood levels and cancer relapse (biochemical recurrence)

So, If you or a loved one needs to have a radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer, it’s important to find a center that has access to cutting-edge robotic surgical equipment, as well as a robot neurosurgeon & health care team with experience in this process.

The hospital’s infrastructure, including diagnostics, pharmacy, operating rooms, and intensive care units, must be enough to accommodate patients before, during, and after procedures.

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