Your Handy Travel Guide to Dubai – Relish the Arabian luxury

Dubai is like an island of modernity in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, at the crossroads between East and West. With futuristic buildings emerging from the desert, artificial islands, giant shopping malls, luxury hotels, and megalomaniac projects, Dubai lives the “Arab Dream” in its own way. In the United Arab Emirates, 200 kilometers north of its capital Abu Dhabi, is Dubai, the world’s fastest-growing city in the last decade, a tourist destination increasingly sought after by travelers from all over the world. In this travel guide you will be able to discover all the secrets of this city that began to be known only at the end of the 20th century. 

The first impression that visitors have before arriving in Dubai is of a city driven by major works and even a little cold. Do not fool yourself. Extremely cosmopolitan, Dubai has more than 80% of the population formed by foreigners who, together with the locals, welcome tourists from all over the world. 

The city has excellent attractions that go far beyond the grandiose artificial islands or luxury hotels such as the Burj Al Arab. And, believe me, several of them have friendly prices or even free access. Rest assured that Dubai fits all budgets and budgets. Whether you’re a budget travelers or luxury one. Without any doubt, visit emirates official website and get your flight tickets online. Also, save up to 40% off on one-way & round trips on every flights. Read on & take a look at what you can do over there:

The top 8 never missing destinations of Dubai

Burj Khalifa

the tallest tower in the world (828 meters). From the top, you can have spectacular views over the 250 islands “The World” that represent the planet Earth.

Burj Al-Arab

a symbol of Dubai that houses the most luxurious hotel (7 stars) and tallest in the world (321 meters).


the various markets in Dubai and Deira are in the center of the city and within easy reach. In the Deira old Souk, next to the spice market, there are many handicrafts, traditional medicine products, incense, perfumes, clothes, rose petals. You can also visit the famous Gold Market. In Dubai old Souk there is a little bit of everything, lots of jewelry, handicrafts, and some clothes. Next to Bur Dubai is the Meena Bazar which offers a wide range of oriental silk and pure cotton fabrics. In the Deira Tower, there is the realm of carpet dealers spread over 40 stores. Electronics and cameras are in the numerous shops on Al Fahidi Street.

Dunes in the Desert

the desert reigns outside Dubai city. A jeep tour or a desert safari is a must for any visitor. Less than 30 minutes from downtown you will be already surrounded by high sand dunes. The most famous is the Big Red with almost 100 meters high.

Dubai Museum

the city’s main museum with a showcase of the emirate’s traditions. Situated inside the city’s oldest building, Fort Al Fahidi.

Dubai Mall

the largest shopping center in the world with over 1200 stores, cinemas, and its giant aquarium with 33,000 marine species.

Palm Jumeirah

incredible artificial archipelagos in the shape of a palm tree. It can be seen from a helicopter tour or from the top of the Burj Khalifa tower.

Dubai Grand Mosque

the second largest mosque in the UAE, built-in 1900; Its minaret tower is 70 meters high.

A quick travel tip for the tourists

  • Wake up early and be the first to enter Dubai’s best destinations, monuments, museums, or other places of interest.
  • Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world, don’t waste time in queues and buy your “skip the line” tickets in advance so you don’t waste hours waiting doing nothing.
  • Visit the many museum houses and the Heritage Village.
  • Ascend to the 148th floor of the Borj Khalifa Observatory at 555 meters high.
  • Explore the Deira Souk which is a mix of Arab, Indian and Pakistani.
  • Take a tour of the Dubai Marina.
  • Take a boat ride down Dubai Creek.
  • Take a 4X4 jeep safari through the dunes.
  • If your budget allows you to sleep at least one night in the famous 7-star Burj al Arab hotel.

Last few words

Dubai surprises the world with the speed at which it grows and offers new opportunities for travelers. The capacity for renovation is enormous and the desire to attract more and more tourists mobilizes the city. Everything is built to be the best or the biggest in the world. No! it’s not funny. The superlative is constant in Dubai and the plans are always grandiose. Best of all is knowing that the plans actually come true. So, look forward to the world’s biggest Ferris wheel, the world’s biggest new building, an entire island devoted to nightly entertainment, and some spectacular museums and parks that are being built in the region for the next few years.  So, plan your getaway with and explore all the above-listed place on your next trip!

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