How to Stay Safe as a Solo Female Camper

It would be nice if a woman could camp alone with no worries, yet that isn’t the case. As horrible as that feels to read because it’s an indictment on the human race, it’s something to consider. A woman should take some precautions when solo camping. The following are some precautions that can keep you safe.

Constant Contact

One thing you can do is remain in constant contact with a friend or family member. Set up a time where you’ll communicate or make contact. You’ll probably need a satellite phone or a hotspot that works out in nature.

This should remain a routine. If the routine is ever broken, then your friend or loved one will know something is wrong. It may feel like an inconvenience, but it may keep you safe while you’re out camping.

Sleep in a Tent or Cabin

It’s a good idea to sleep indoors whenever possible. Having a tent or staying in a small cabin will help keep you safe. In essence, you’ll have a door you can close. This might not seem like such a big deal, but it can make a big difference.

Itinerary Share

As a solo female camper and traveler, you’ll want to make an itinerary. You’ll want to stick to this itinerary as much as you can, and you want to share it with a loved one. Someone has to know where you’re going and where you’ll be during this trip.

It’s kind of annoying that you have to plan your adventure. Part of the fun of traveling is being spontaneous, but you can sacrifice a little freedom for safety. The good thing is that you can update your itinerary, but make sure it’s shared with a loved one before you make the change.

Protection Tool

Another thing you should do is get yourself some type of protection tool. What this will be is completely up to you, but you need something. Maybe a knife or maybe just a walking stick.

Get something you are comfortable with. You’ll probably want to learn how to use this tool before you set off on your adventures so that you are ready for anything. Hopefully, you won’t need this tool, but at least it’s there with you. If you choose to have a deadly weapon, be sure to have your permit.

Social Media Wisdom

Don’t advertise where you are at the moment. It’s exciting to show everyone you love what you’re up to, and it’s easy to do through social media. As easy as it might be, you’ve got to resist this urge.

If you share, be sure you aren’t in that location any longer. Sometimes, people use social media to find you. Don’t make it easy for criminals to track you.

Befriend the Badge

State Parks have wonderful park rangers that want to keep everyone safe. Part of the reason you should always camp in these locations is that they are patrolled well, but you should take a few additional steps. For example, if you are camping in West Virginia state parks, go ahead and introduce yourself to your park ranger.

Tell them that you’ll be there and that you are alone. Tell them how long you’ll stay so that they are aware.

Sensibility Works

Try to stay as sensible as you can throughout your trip. You always want to be alert enough to act if you need to.

For the most part, you’ll be safe out there, but you don’t want to be in a state where you aren’t in full control. It may suck that you can’t get too loose, but it can help you have a safe camping experience. Animals or people could attack and you need to be ready.

Now, you know everything there is to know about staying safe while camping. In the end, what you want to do is trust your gut. It usually tells you when you’re in danger, and it’s usually right.

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