A Handy Guide for Dubai Skydiving to Blow on Man Made City Dubai

With immensely developed technologies and resources, Dubai has now been transformed into one of the most traveled destinations by tourists. The city has a bucket full of activities that one can enjoy in Dubai. In the same list, Dubai skydiving hits the top of the list. An adventurous tour to Dubai is never successful without one trial of the Dubai skydiving. There are several types and forms of Sky Diving that one can opt for in Dubai. This skydiving activity is offered at different spots in Dubai. This article will discuss basic to advanced detail on Dubai Skydiving. So, get ready with the best Dubai tour packages for honeymoon to opt for this fun activity in Dubai.

Types Of Skydiving In Dubai

In Dubai, you will enjoy two types of Skydiving, i.e., Outdoor and Indoor Skydiving. Here we will go through each of them in brief to make your decision to opt for one.

1. Outdoor Skydiving

Outdoor Skydiving gives you the natural feel of Skydiving. In this type of Skydiving, you will be taken in a flight or helicopter at a height, and then you need to jump with all the security measures. This type of Sky diving is also known as the Tandem Skydiving. Also, you need a skydiving license to go for a solo jump.

2. Indoor Skydiving

The second type of Skydiving is Indoor Skydiving. This is one of the new concepts for those who might fear doing it in an open sky. In this category, you will face a vertical tunnel where you can experience a perfect free fall. This type of sky diving is risk-free and perfect for beginners. This type of sky diving is comparatively cheaper than Outdoor Skydiving. You can take your small kids above two years to this type of sky diving.

Skydiving Locations In Dubai

Dubai has numerous locations for Skydiving, among which the two are the most opted ones, which we will be discussing here. Apart from those, we will also discuss two of the indoor skydiving location in Dubai.

1. Desert Campus Zone

Desert Campus Zone is situated on the outskirts that offer the best skydiving experience for both skydivers and first-timers. From the top, when you dive into the sky, you will be able to experience the fantastic sight of the Desert full of dunes. The drop zone encompasses a vast area that features the world’s largest outdoor skydiving school. You can join the school to brush up on your skydiving skills as a professional. The cost of Skydiving in the Desert Campus zone is AED 1699.

2. Palm Drop Zone

Palm Drop Zone is another option available in Dubai for outdoor Skydiving. In Palm Drop Zone, the divers jump from above the Palm Jamaica, where you enjoy the enticing Palm Jamaica Island and other magnificent buildings like Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, Ain Dubai, Atlantis Hotel, etc. The skydiving cost at Palm Drop Zone is even higher than at Desert Campus Zone. You need to pay AED 2199 to enjoy Skydiving at Palm Drop Zone.

3. iFly Dubai

The first option for the Indoor skydivers is iFly Dubai. The place has a double vertical wind tunnel that makes you go through an immense adrenal rush. The tunnels in this skydiving point are 10 m long and are surrounded by acrylic glass. At this point of Indoor diving, every single safety measure is ensured. The entire environment is controlled where you can enjoy your dive fullest. You can also take assistance from professionals with good experience. For 2 minutes of Indoor Skydiving here, you need to pay AED 220.

3. InFlight Dubai

InFlight Dubai is another place to enjoy indoor Skydiving in Dubai. This place has a 16.5 m long tunnel which is also the largest one in the world. It is the closest place to the desert zone of Skydive Dubai. Due to the location, the visitors can enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities in InFlight Dubai. For 2 minutes of Skydive at this place, you need to pay AED 262.


Therefore, Skydiving is one of the most premium activities one can enjoy in Dubai. To enjoy this sport, the ideal age of a diver needs to be 18 and above and should not suffer any health condition. You need to fulfill all the physical fitness criteria to get the chance to enjoy Skydiving in Dubai. It would help if you also were well-nourished before going Skydiving. Also, try to wear some comfortable clothes and do not overeat before diving. Take all these things into consideration before going for Skydive in Dubai. With all these things, you are all set to enjoy the best experience of Sky Dive in Dubai. Book a good Dubai tour package from RR that can guide you better for adventurous activities like Skydiving Dubai.


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