The Relationship Between Promotion and Product

With the rapid growth that is globalization, any line between marketing within the country where an organization is based and marketing in external markets is rapidly disappearing. In this regard, businesses are changing their marketing strategies to address the requirements of the global market and also to maintain their competitiveness in their home market. These shifts have also led companies to tailor their global marketing strategies for various markets that are based on local language as well as the needs, wants, and preferences.

Product for the Chinese Market

A well-designed global marketing strategy allows brands to modify their products to suit local markets, by using the most effective advertising channels to connect with consumers.

The Marketing Mix in Global Marketing

It is believed that the “Four P’s” of marketing–product price, placement, and promotion are all affected as a company progresses through different stages of establishing and maintaining the position of a global corporation. Promotion is crucial to positioning the business so that a single item can be modified instead of redesigned to suit different markets. Coca-Cola is a great illustration of the global nature of marketing. The brand’s drink has two formulas (one with sugar and the other that contains corn syrup) for every market. The packaging of the product in each nation features Coca-Cola’s curved bottle design and trademark ribbon in a particular shape or shape. However, the bottles can include the country’s official language, and be made in the same dimensions as other bottles of beverages or cans that are sold on the market.

Promotion and Product

Before launching promotional campaigns international companies should first identify their markets of choice and decide on which products will be most popular with these consumers and companies. Apart from identifying the price and distribution channels that will most effectively serve the markets of those countries marketers from around the world must determine the best way to promote their products. Marketing strategies for international audiences can include everything from television commercials to social media marketing via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and many other channels. It is the responsibility of global marketers to develop and then place advertisements for products or other information about promotions in locations where local customers are most open to being exposed to and responding to these messages.

After the research development, development, and development marketing is usually the biggest line item in the global marketing budget. Integrating marketing communications can drastically enhance efficiency and cut down on expenses for promotional campaigns. Furthermore, it is an important element that allows companies worldwide to communicate the same message to all customers worldwide with relevant efficient, engaging, and cost-effective methods.

Global promotion allows companies across the globe to adopt consistent marketing practices and create a consistent brand image, marketers are also faced with the issue of responding to different consumer reactions to various marketing mix elements. Marketing challenges related to product and promotional marketing are also a factor when dealing with variations in the development of products and brands and also battling local or global rivals.

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