Best Practices for Creating Engaging Content On Instagram Video in 2023

Video content marketing is becoming a popular content strategy for bloggers and companies. It’s easy to see why, with Instagram boasting over one billion monthly users. The demand for high-quality video content is increasing, so many bloggers and influencers flock to Instagram to increase their online presence and drive traffic. However, posting videos as part of their digital marketing strategy doesn’t guarantee results.Here’s how to approach your Instagram video content correctly. Let’s get started! click here

Instagram Live

Live videos are a great way for bloggers, influencers, and companies to reach new audiences around the globe. They can create broadcasts, interact with their followers and share their thoughts in real-time.

Live streaming to Instagram is easy and requires no planning. You can answer questions and create polls to promote products without much time or preparation. This means you can get leads, sales, engagement, and even speak directly to your followers for no cost. You should keep these nuances in mind if you decide to give it a shot.

Live streaming is not a time to stress about making mistakes. You can think about what you want, especially if your audience asks questions in a Q&A. You can make the session casual or formal as you like!

Invite co-hosts. 

You can share your screen with influencers and bloggers in your niche, and you can host a Live session. Co-hosting will add another dimension to the conversation and take some pressure off.

Choose the most suitable location for your videos. Do you want to film indoors? Your followers should be able to see you clearly in the lighting. 

To prevent echo from getting onto your recording, you should avoid recording audio in a reverberant area. If you do not, live streaming will be irritating for everyone who is watching it.

Instagram Live is a great way for your followers to get to know you better. Show your followers the “behind-the scenes” of your life to increase your credibility.

Instagram Reels

Instagram is always changing. To reach younger Gen Z users, make short Instagram videos using Instagram Reels for Business. This feature is similar to TikTok. Users can record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos using audio and AR effects.

You can also share reels with your Feed followers or to specific groups. This is a great feature to use if you want to share your latest content with a particular audience. Reels allow users to discover new content on Instagram and create new content. They also help people who desire to be a creator reach new audiences.

Instagram Stories

These short videos (often just 15 seconds) were created to let users quickly share their “moments” from the day. These can be in the form of a slideshow that is saved to your account for 24hrs and then disappears. The best part about IG Stories is that they are easy to create and allow you to try different video formats. You can also pin the most popular to your highlights reel.

Instagram Stories are becoming an increasingly important part of any marketing strategy. You can create Stories to engage your audience with behind-the-scenes content or selfie videos and reach new audiences by placing tags (e.g., You can use hashtags, geolocation, and tag other accounts. Stories can also be used for promotions and limited-time sales.

Here are some tips to maximize your video’s business success on IG Stories.

When creating new content, don’t try to be perfect. IG Stories allows you to share fun, spontaneous, and brief videos. These videos will be available for 24 hours. Stories are not a limitation on your creativity. You can share more about yourself, products/services, or personal opinions on controversial topics. Stories can be used to promote products and services, but don’t get too far off-track.

Instagram users may prefer to watch Stories without sound. It’s best to add captions to inform people that it’s time to turn it on.

Instagram Stories stickers can increase your engagement. 

Stickers can be used to add pizza to your videos, but they can also help you grow your engagement, build credibility, and make e-commerce sales. Use them to enhance your Instagram videos!

You can upload multiple videos to IG Stories. 

To tell your followers a detailed story, you can create a video on your smartphone and cut it into 15-second segments. Keep it under one minute, as users may switch off.

The more concise, the better. Boomerang is a great app to use if you are targeting Millennials or Gen Z. Keep your Stories short and your snippets small if you plan on targeting them. Boomerang allows you to record short clips that loop back and forth as the video is played. Choose your subject, then press the button.

Instagram video posts

There are both advantages and disadvantages to making longer Instagram videos. One minute is all it takes to create something more detailed and in-depth. This is great for storytelling. People’s attention spans are decreasing daily, so it wouldn’t be wise to make longer videos to fill up the time. Keep your viewers interested by presenting clear points and fewer words to weaken the video.

How to make perfect Instagram videos

Keep your eyes on the main message. Do not try to cover multiple topics in the same video. You should set measurable and achievable goals, create a theme for your video and stick with it.

Choose eye-catching and colorful visuals. Stories allow you to use short, non editable content. Longer videos must look more professional. Adobe Spark allows you to combine video clips, photos, and icons into one compelling video. 

You can also add sound and text overlays to it!

Captions are important. Spend some time creating captions for your video to help you connect with your viewers and explain what your content is—this support element functions the same way as photo descriptions. Use emojis or hashtags to add a caption or comment after you have posted your visual content. check now

Instagram Video Content Best Practices

Instagram offers five video formats. Each one has its purpose and specifications. Here are some best practices to create engaging Instagram video content.

Make videos for mobile viewers.

Instagram is a mobile-friendly social network, and most users access it using their smartphones. Therefore, vertical orientation is best for recording videos. The horizontal orientation may be better if you plan to create longer videos. For full-screen viewing, viewers can rotate the phone 90 degrees. 

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