5 Reasons You Should Start Using Instagram

Anyone who has spent even a few minutes on Instagram knows how addicting it can be—just look at the Explore tab if you don’t believe me! The problem, however, is that you might be overlooking one of the best features of Instagram because of its ubiquity. Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram and use it frequently myself; but there are plenty of ways in which Instagram can benefit your business, too. Here are five ways you should start using Instagram as part of your marketing strategy today!

1. it’s easy

Learning to use and navigate Instagram is incredibly easy. While it’s not as fully featured as Twitter or Facebook, all you need to do is upload photos and learn how to hashtag them so people can search for them—all in a matter of minutes. For an easy start with your photo-sharing, check out these tips from Mashable on getting started with Instagram. And don’t forget to share your own experiences on #picuki! It’s visual:

The simple fact that Instagram was created as a mobile app has something to do with its popularity. It takes only seconds to snap a picture (or shoot one on your smartphone) and post it online, where friends and family members can like it, comment on it, or otherwise interact with it. The act of posting photos is also highly satisfying; after all, what other social network allows you to immediately see whether others like what you’ve posted?

2. it doesn’t cost anything

It’s true that using Instagram doesn’t cost anything—but it also doesn’t provide anything of value either. If you are looking to build your social media brand, there are far better places to start. It costs nothing to use Instagram (and no, its parent company Facebook is not paying us for that plug), but you aren’t going to get much in return for your effort. There are many other platforms out there with a lot more users and engagement potential.

Why waste time on a platform that gives so little back? We want to see what you can do: In order to use Instagram, all you need is an account and a mobile device. No extra equipment or training required! But if we’re being honest here, Instagram does require something from its users: photos! And lots of them! This can be tricky if you don’t have any photography skills or gear. While some smartphone cameras produce quality photos these days, they still pale in comparison to those taken by actual cameras and lenses.

3. you can join picuki Instagram

It’s easy to start using picuki instagram, but you have to sign up first. If you’re already on Facebook or Twitter, it shouldn’t take long. Just follow @picuki on either site and then click Sign Up with Facebook

when you see our prompt. As soon as you do, your name and profile picture will appear on our site. That’s all there is to it! Once you’ve signed up, you can post pictures of anything that inspires you. We love seeing new things in action—so if you spot something interesting while out and about, be sure to snap a pic! And if your friends are posting awesome stuff on other social networks, don’t forget to share their pics on picuki too.

4. you can like other people’s pics on Instagram

One of my favorite things about instagram is that it makes it easy to discover new people and their perspectives. I follow plenty of travel accounts—both to get inspiration for my own trips, and to feel like I’m there when I’m not. Plus, if you’ve got a sweet feed or awesome photos yourself, you can use hashtag search tools like Social Crawlytics or Storify to find your picuki! It’s also fun to connect with other users: If you’re using Instagram on a regular basis, make sure to follow me (@jennifermccarty) so we can share pics together.

5. it makes you think

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in work without taking a step back and thinking about your responsibilities. Instagram helps you do just that with its photo filters, designed to make you take a step back and think about how your photo will look before posting it. Who doesn’t need some perspective in their life?

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