PS5: Release date, price, models and pre-orders… Everything you need to know

The mystery is over: models, prices, release date, pre-order details, we now know almost everything about Sony’s new console… or rather Sony’s new consoles, since it’s two PlayStation 5 models who land in November in our regions.

PS5: Release date, price, models and pre-orders... Everything you need to know

When will the PS5 be back in stores?

Stock issues:

After a record November 19 launch for the PS5 and PS5 price in bangladesh, becoming Sony ‘s biggest ever console launch, it’s now near impossible to find the next-gen machine. Just recently, a few copies were available for sale on Cdiscount , but these were gone within minutes. The restockings therefore seem to arrive in dribs and drabs. To make sure you don’t miss any stocks, you can follow our dedicated page .

PS5: Release date, price, models and pre-orders... Everything you need to knowPS5: Release date, price, models and pre-orders... Everything you need to knowPS5: Release date, price, models and pre-orders... Everything you need to know

PS5 shortage longer than expected?

But then why? What is happening ? And for how long ? Our colleagues from Tom’s Guide , who have covered the subject well, evoke a very gloomy future: according to them, there would be a shortage until the start of the 2021 school year or even the end of the year . In question, the lack of components linked to the health crisis, such as 8-inch silicon wafers (which go into the making of many small chips) or even GDDR5 and GDDR6 memories. The site also notes that the fire of a factory in the sector could further aggravate the situation.

On the sidelines of these supply problems, other things are added to the balance: at the end of last November, a batch of PlayStation 5 was stolen near Lyon, for example . And just recently, a group named Carnage took over 2,000 of these consoles online, thanks to a bot capable of chaining commands and dodging queues. What aggravate the situation even more. One thing is certain: it will take patience.

When is the PS5 coming out?

The PlayStation 5 will be released on November 19, 2020 in France . Sony confirmed this date during its presentation on September 16, opting in passing for a strategy similar to that of the PS4 with two separate dates depending on the regions of the world concerned. Thus, the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea will have the chance to put their hands on Sony’s new console from November 12, while the rest of the world will have to wait until November 19.

PS5: Release date, price, models and pre-orders... Everything you need to know

The release date of a new console is always the subject of speculation, most often years in advance. The PlayStation 5 has not escaped this habit, and between its announcement last year and the formalization of its launch period, we alternately wondered if the PS5 would arrive at the beginning of the year or in end of 2020, or even later, in 2021.

 A potential postponement could not be ruled out given the Covid-19 epidemic which led to the closure of many production lines, including in the field of hardware, which risked influencing the availability of components needed for mass production. 

But Sony has maintained the idea of ​​a release for the end of the yearseveral times, and in particular in its 2019 financial statement, released at the beginning of May:

Regarding the launch of the PlayStation 5, factors such as telecommuting and the impossibility of traveling abroad have presented difficulties for the testing processes and the establishment of production chains. But development continues and the launch of the console is still scheduled for the end of 2020.

A job offer made through the NEXT Jobs site also implied a console release in October, but Sony denied this information, stating that it was a site error . The wait is now over since September 16, since we know the release date of the PS5:

  • November 12, 2020 in the following countries: United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.
  • November 19, 2020 for the rest of the world and France.

PlayStation 5: the different models

There are two different PS5 models that will be offered at launch. Like its rivals the Xbox Series, the PlayStation 5 is thus available in a version with a Bluray player and an edition without a Bluray player, the second being billed 100 € less than the first. 

On the other hand, except for the absence of a Bluray player on one, the two consoles have strictly identical hardware and will therefore run the games in the same way . Visually, this gives a slight difference in the lower part of the console, with a more refined silhouette for the version without disc drive.

PS5: Release date, price, models and pre-orders... Everything you need to know

Another much less accessible version of the PlayStation 5 exists: a deluxe edition available in several models all charged at extremely high prices. 

Note that pre-orders for these machines were opened on September 10 with Truly Exquisite , which specializes in making models of luxury items. These pieces are limited edition with only 250 pieces made per model/finish. 

The price includes 1 PS5 console, 2 DualSense controllers and 1 Pulse 3D headset, all presented in a luxury wooden box with free worldwide shipping and insurance.

PS5: Release date, price, models and pre-orders... Everything you need to know
PS5: Release date, price, models and pre-orders... Everything you need to know
PS5: Release date, price, models and pre-orders... Everything you need to know

How much does the PS5 cost?

The PlayStation 5 will cost €499.99 in its model with a bluray player, and €399.99 in its “all digital” model, without a disc player . These prices were announced during the advent of September 16 organized by Sony. For comparison, the price of the PlayStation 4 was unveiled during E3, which took place in June, before being released in November 2013.

PS5: Release date, price, models and pre-orders... Everything you need to know

In white, the cost of memory. In blue, the cost of storage (Bloomberg estimates)

According to a Bloomberg article citing developers working on expected PS5 games as a source, the price could thus oscillate between 500 and 550 $, therefore between 500 and 550 € given that the prices of the consoles are generally equivalent when converting dollars / euros. A high price that would have been linked to the scarcity of certain components, which would have led to an increase in the cost of production around $450. 

In order to recover its costs, Sony would therefore choose to sell the console at a price higher than the cost of production. A decision which would also have consequences on the number of PS5 marketed at the end of the year, which would only be around 5 or 6 million copies: for comparison, the PS4 had sold 7.5 million units during its first two quarters of marketing.

If this price seems high, it is however less than that of the PS3 at launch, which was then billed at the imposing price of 599 €. Conversely, the PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro launched at a lower price of €399, while the PlayStation 2 came in at the mid-price of around €450. Bloomberg’s claims have therefore been confirmed, but the announcement in the meantime of the price of the Xbox Series X (499 €) has potentially pushed the manufacturer to opt for the low end of the estimates, while the existence of an “All Digital” also allows Sony to offer a machine with a more accessible price for tight budgets. 

So let’s recap:

  • The PS5 with Bluray player is sold for € 499.99
  • The “All Digital” PS5 without Bluray player is sold for € 399.99

What prices for the “luxury” model?

The amounts of the luxury models mentioned above were only revealed in pounds sterling, the products being made by a British team.

24 carat yellow gold

  • With Blu-Ray player: £8099
  • Without player: £7999

18k Rose Gold

  • With Blu-Ray player: £8199
  • Without player: £8099


  • With Blu-Ray player: £8299
  • Without player: £8199

Peripheral devices

  • Dual Sense controller: £649
  • PS5 headphones: £399

PS5: Do the latest revelations indicate a sale price?

How to pre-order the PS5?

We had to be patient, but the PS5 is finally available for pre-order on French territory , at the price of 499 € for the edition with Bluray player and 399 € for the “All Digital” mode without Bluray player. As a reminder, these two models will be available from November 19, 2020, the official release date of the PlayStation 5 in France . Cdiscount was the first to draw, but several brands also offer to pre-order Sony’s new console, even if you generally have to be quick to hope to get a copy within a reasonable time. Note that the sites concerned limit orders to a single copy per basket, and that despite regular stock shortages, several brands regularly put a few machines back in stock.

Pre-order flow:

  • Pre-order the PS5 at Cdiscount
  • Pre-order the PS5 at Auchan
  • Pre-order the PS5 at E.Leclerc
  • Pre-order the PS5 at fnac
  • Pre-order PS5 All Digital at Amazon
  • Pre-order the PS5 at Amazon
  • Pre-order the PS5 at Darty
  • Pre-order the PS5 at Micromania

If you wish to stay informed of the openings of pre-orders in real time, you can refer to our dedicated news which can be consulted below, which is updated with each new opening or relaunch of pre-orders:

  • Where to pre-order the PS5?

Services available on PS5

Sony has not communicated much about the services that will be officially available on PS5 . For example, we do not yet know if PS Now will be present, or in what form and at what price. On the other hand, the PlayStation Plus will be back even if its price is also unknown. 

This one, which allows you to play online multiplayer games and download several titles at no additional cost each month, will have a new addition available from the launch of the PlayStation 5: the PlayStation Plus Collection , giving “free” access. to several major PS4 games for all PS Plus subscribers.

Video presentation of the PlayStation Plus Collection

Among the major features, you will find the trophy system implemented on PlayStation consoles since the PS3. This has changed slightly, since the level system has been extended from 100 to 999, while the points provided by each trophy have also been revised, with “platinum” trophies now making a higher contribution to the whole. 

This new system has already been implemented on PS4 recently, thanks to an update. Note that depending on your level, the trophy icon next to it will change appearance. Finally, we now know that each trophy obtained is immortalized by a short video . 

A novelty compared to the PS4 which was content to take an automatic screenshot, and which will therefore allow you to now have access to a mini-video to share on social networks in the event of obtaining a trophy.

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