Walter high-pressure cleaner for thorough cleaning

With water pressure against stubborn dirt

Choosing the right cleaning device is a prerequisite for a thorough and clean end result. Dirt in the house and garden can be stubborn. With conventional cleaning methods and tools, you quickly reach your limits.. WALTER has the solution: The compact and inexpensive high-pressure cleaners for private and commercial use ensure a clean end result!

The WALTER high-pressure cleaners are ideal for cleaning terraces, facades, machines, vehicles, tools, garden furniture and much more! They are easy to use and reach even remote places. Stubborn dirt, mold and dirt are washed off the surfaces in no time at all with the right pressure.

how does a pressure washer work?

The devices, which run on electricity or petrol, suck in water from an external source. A piston pump exerts pressure of up to 200 bars on the water. This is how the strong water jet of the WALTER high-pressure cleaner is created. WALTER high-pressure cleaners heat the water up to 50° C. The increased water temperature reduces the time required for cleaning. Depending on the degree of soiling, cleaning agents can also be filled into the device as an option.

Choosing the right high-pressure cleaner

The area of ​​application for cleaning with high-pressure devices is wide. Not all materials and surfaces can be cleaned with the same pressure. In order to protect glass and paint, cars are cleaned with less pressure than, for example, sidewalks and floor panels. Ideally, the Pressure Washing Noosa  should be higher here so that deep-seated dirt is also loosened. The flow rate – how much water runs through the cleaner per minute – can also be a selection criterion.

This is required for cleaning high-pressure equipment:

WALTER high-pressure cleaners impress with their easy handling. Depending on the model, you only need a 230 V power supply to operate the devices. The water can be supplied via the normal water pipe. Plug the hose where the garden hose is normally connected. A suction hose with filter basket can also be used to work independently of the water connection. Simply hang the hose in the rain barrel and off you go!

Tips for efficient cleaning

Safety: where water works at high pressure, dirt also splashes. Appropriate clothing and protective equipment such as gloves, protective masks and goggles are therefore recommended!

Water quality: The water used for cleaning should be of drinking water quality. In this way you avoid damage to the high-pressure device and ensure that everything really gets clean.

Proper operation: The instructions in the operating instructions should be observed. In addition, the fewer valves and branches in the supply line, the better. Clean the device after each use.

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