5 Software Development Trends to Apply on Business App

The digital transformation wave that is reshaping enterprises worldwide has had a significant impact on how IT teams approach custom software development. Today’s software development is all about enhancing business experiences on various levels.

Customer experiences from end customers during a transaction process, as well as operational experiences from staff who use technological solutions to increase customer love, are examples of experiences.

Moreover, technology will continue to evolve. Business owners must be willing to make significant modifications to their custom software development plans to embrace the most outstanding solutions for running their company effectively.

Open Source Technology

You might not have found many takers for open source technologies a decade ago. However, just about 3% of global organizations currently utilize no open-source software in their enterprise technology stack. It was mostly seen as a sandbox for beginners in software development to try out building applications for free in the early days. Open-source software is being used by the world’s largest technological corporations, such as Google and Facebook, to run their most mission-critical systems. They also substantially contribute to the upkeep and growth of developer communities centered on open source technologies as they are also friendly for mobile application development

AI Ready Software

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already a standard feature of nearly every digital platform in use today. Machine learning capabilities are being rolled out by software development companies across the board, from e-commerce to movie streaming, to help software understand more about its customers and automatically provide them with exceptional experiences. AI-powered chatbots are now handling billions of people’s online questions, and firms are pouring money into making these bots smarter by the minute. Software developers must understand the ins and outs of designing code that works well with self-learning algorithms to give the best value to businesses that use apps that execute this code. 


The cloud is becoming the technical heart of the world’s best-run enterprises. Cloud computing has changed the way businesses use software applications, from platforms to infrastructure. At least one application or infrastructure element is hosted on the cloud for 73 percent of the world’s enterprises. Businesses are reinventing themselves in the digital age, from becoming more flexible in application engineering to saving millions by eliminating on-premise infrastructure costs.

Security Being Top Priority

While cloud computing and the shift from on-premise software engineering to rich internet applications have improved digital experiences, they have also brought up new cans of worms for developers to contend with. Over 130 large-scale targeted breaches of confidential user data housed on corporate apps of corporations have been reported in the United States alone. This figure also increases at an exponential pace of 27% every year. Security considerations can no longer be neglected, even for the tiniest of applications.

Customers are everything

Today, end-consumer-centric thinking is required in all aspects of your business, not simply your sales process and customer service team. Even your bespoke software development team should have a goal centered on putting the customer first.

While developing applications, you should model and relate to the human behavior of your target digital audience. This is critical for recommendation systems, long-term user experiences, and, most importantly, increasing brand loyalty through fantastic digital experiences.

Feedback systems must immediately communicate replies to core technology teams. This feedback must be drilled into the inner depths of every implementation and programming logic used to achieve business objectives.

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