Choosing the Best Juicer

This article discusses the main features to consider when buying a juicer. There are many juicers to choose from with different quality and price. This article has been created to inform you in its entirety. So you can choose your juicer wisely. Click here easy to clean smoothie maker for more details.

Blender or Juicer First I want to make sure you know that blender and juicer are two separate devices. A juicer separates the liquid juice from the meat. no blender The blender is perfect for making smoothies and soups. But some vegetables won’t come out in the blender. In my opinion, like carrots, beets and celery. that comes out bitter in a blender Some people use blenders instead of juicers. But keep in mind that the taste and consistency are different. I use both because some vegetables block non-commercial juicers, such as bananas and avocados. It needs to be mixed and added to your juice.

commercial or non-commercial Commercial juicers are the most expensive and durable. You can juice vegetables or fruits. even avocados and bananas. This option is best if you plan to sell fresh juices. For personal and family use The cheaper and non-commercial types of juicers are best.

HP, or RPM, the oldest and also cheapest juicers are centrifugal machines that cut products and juice by spinning in a perforated basket. They rely on high RPM – 10,000 and above. The higher the speed, the more fruits and vegetables. It gets bigger without slowing down or stopping. However, we learned that high rpm generates heat and increases the oxygenation of the juice. both of which destroy a large amount of nutrients. High-speed cars are also the loudest – they sound like an airport runway! So today we have what we call “slow” juicers, which have a very low RMP – as low as 80 – that generate minimal heat, oxygen and nutrient loss. The horsepower (hp) must be at least one third to one half, otherwise the juicer will be difficult to squeeze the heaviest vegetables, such as carrots.

If you plan on juicing vegetables such as wheatgrass, kale, spinach, etc., they are slightly more expensive. But worth it in my opinion. These juicers also claim to extract more juice from your products. I use it myself and find it worth the investment. Some slow juicers can be used to make peanut butter and sorbet.

Warranty The best cars have a 10-year warranty on all parts or better, not just the engine. with this kind of warranty You don’t have to pay extra for “Extended warranty”

Spout I also recommend a juicer with 2 drops, one for juicing and one for pulverizing. This function makes cleaning the juicer faster. And it allows you to easily add a spoonful or two of pulp to your juice for extra fiber. Machines that store pulp in the center basket should be emptied shortly after start-up. while the pulp extractor allows continuous use.

Special tools and attachments My advice is to stay out of trouble! The only aspect of juicing that can be disruptive is the time it takes to clean and chop fruits and vegetables. and clean the machine after each use. The fewer parts and attachments, the more convenient it is to use them every day or so. So look for machines that are easiest to clean with the smallest parts to disassemble. I like to spend time preparing products and cleaning machines. I do ADHD exercises, but the less the better. Your juicer should be easy to disassemble and clean without losing the tools. Avoid juicers that require special additives to juice certain foods, such as citrus fruits. These are not necessary. Again, the best juicer is the easiest juicer.

The filling funnel The part of the juicer that deserves special attention is the part where you put the fruit and vegetable slices. also known as the feeding tube. Some juicers have large filling funnels, so you can juice whole or large pieces of fruit or vegetables. Save time and effort by lowering your productivity.

A dishwasher. Make sure all parts are dishwasher safe. So you have the option of throwing it in the dishwasher instead of washing it by hand.

Recommended Technique I recommend the latest evolution of juicers called “slow juicers” – easy to clean. being able to squeeze herbal juice and provide excellent nutrition There are some major manufacturers such as Hurom, Breville and Omega. I used Hurom but now has a lower warranty than Omega and Breville c.

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