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How to Cleanse Crystals? Methods of Cleaning Crystals

Cleansing of crystal

Cleansing a crystal is the old tradition. It is believed that when the crystal is cleansed the earth absorb the negative and unwanted energy and refresh the crystal. For example place a crystal on selenite tower, the selenite clear the negative energy of your crystal.

The negativity you want to release from yourself can be done by this process. It is believed that stone absorb the negativity or the energy you want to release. When you cleanse or recharge your crystal it becomes fresh and remains in its natural state.

Why it is important to cleanse the crystal?

Cleansing a crystal is very important. Regularly or weekly clean or recharge the crystal. This is the only way that the crystal remains in its natural state. The act of cleansing, refresh and strengthen your own thinking and mind.

Many people use the crystals for soothing their body, mind and soul. Some people believe that it enhance their energy by sending vibrations out of the world. Not every stone match with your personality. It is important that always wear stone according to your mental health.

What Happens When Crystals Are Left Uncleaned?

If crystals are not regularly cleaned, some practitioners believe that they may retain negative energies, and their effectiveness in metaphysical and spiritual practices could be compromised. According to this perspective:

  1. Energetic Buildup: Without cleansing, crystals might accumulate negative energies from their surroundings or the energy work they perform. This buildup is thought to impede their ability to resonate with positive energies.
  2. Dullness or Diminished Vibrations: Over time, crystals may become less responsive or vibrant if not cleansed. It’s believed that the presence of accumulated energies can dull the crystal’s natural vibrational frequency.
  3. Potential Interference: The accumulated energy might interfere with the intended purpose of the crystal. For example, a crystal meant for promoting calmness could lose its effectiveness if it carries the energy of stress or negativity.
  4. Blocked Energy Flow: Some practitioners believe that uncleaned crystals may develop energetic blockages, hindering the free flow of energy. This blockage could affect the crystal’s ability to positively influence its environment or the person using it.
  5. Personal Well-being: Individuals using crystals for personal growth, meditation, or healing may feel that their own energy could be affected. Neglected crystals might transfer accumulated negative energy to the user, potentially impacting mental, emotional, or spiritual well-being.

It’s important to note that these perspectives are based on metaphysical beliefs, and not everyone subscribes to these ideas. While some find value in regular crystal cleansing, others may view crystals more symbolically or appreciate them solely for their aesthetic qualities. The decision to cleanse crystals ultimately depends on personal beliefs and the intended use of the crystals.

Methods to cleanse a crystal

There are different methods by which a crystal can be cleaned. Some of them are given below:

  • Running water
  •  Salt water
  •  Brown rice
  •  Natural light
  • Sage
  •  Sound
  •  Using a large stone
  • Using a smaller stone
  •  Breath
  • Visualization

1. Running water

Water is a neutral liquid. Because of this property it neutralized all the negative energy from the stone and returned it back to earth, from where it comes. It is best to wash your stone in river or stream, but this can also be done under tap or valve.

Whatever your water source is, important thing is that the stone is completely dipped in the water. After this pat dry the stone. Approximate duration for one stone is one minute. This process is reliable for hard stones such as quartz.

2. Salt water

From a long time salt has been used to expel negativity and unwanted energy. Use ocean water if it is available. Otherwise mix a table salt or rock in bowl of water. It is important that your stone is completely submerged in water. Place this stone in water and then soak it for few hours to few days. After this pat dry the stone. Approximate duration is up to 48 hours. This process is also reliable for hard stones.

3. Brown rice

This method is used to release the negative energy in a safe and controlled situation. This process is reliable for protective stone such as black tourmaline. In this process fill a bowl with brown rice and buried your stone in it. After cleansing the stone immediately disposed the rice because now the rice has all the negative energy you are trying to get rid of. The time duration for this process is approximately 24 hours. This can be use for any type of stone.

4. Natural light

It is believed that cleansing of stone should be done in certain points, but you can do this any time to recharge or cleanse your stone. Place the stone outside before the sun set and bring it inside before 11 a.m. In this time your stone will bath in both sun and moon light. Prolonged stay in front of sun may damage the stone’s surface, so it is important to bring back stone before 11 a.m.

Place the stone directly on the earth. After cleansing remove the dirt and debris immediately. Pat dries the stone. Duration of this process is 10 to 12 hours. This process is reliable for most tumbled stone.

5. Sage

Sage is a sacred plant and it has a healing property. Smudging the stone is said that it will clear all the harsh vibrations and the natural state is restored. Ignite the tip of sage. Now move the stone on the smoke. Remain the stone in smoke for 30 seconds. The process is done in approximately 30 to 60 seconds. This can be done on any stone.

6. Sound

By using of sound stone can be washed. The pitch of sound must be match with the pitch of vibration. This can be done by tuning fork, a singing bowl, by shouting or a nice bell. Whatever the sound is it does not matter. Important thing is the vibration must be surrounded the stone. Duration of this process is 5 to 10 minutes. This can be done on any stone.

7. Using a large stone

This is a great tool to cleanse the small stone by large stones. Large quartz clusters, amethyst geodes, and selenite slabs are best for this purpose. Place the small stone directly on the large stone. The large stone absorb the harsh vibrations of small stone and make it clean. The duration of this process is 24 hours. This can be done on any stone.

8. Using smaller stone

Small stones like carnelian, clear quartz, and hematite are useful for this purpose. More than one stone is needed because of their small size. Place all the small stones in a bowl now place your stone on the top, you want to cleanse. The time duration for this purpose is 24 hours.

9. Breath

Breathing is a well known and effective method to cleanse the crystal. Place the stone in front of your mouth. Now inhale the air from nostrils and short exhale. This process is done with full attention. Repeat the process 30 seconds per stone. This process is good only for small stones.

10 Visualization

This process of visualization is quite good and safe but this process demand full attention. In this process, you will sit on the ground and pick up the stone with your dominant hand. Now allow the white radiant light surround the stone. Now feel it growing brighter. All the impurities are removed from the stone. Do the process until all the negative energy flushing out from the stone. Almost one minute is required for this purpose. This process is good for all type of stone.

How to activate your crystal?

If you feel that the stone becomes heavier than before. Then you can activate your crystal. This can be done by giving some natural pure energy to stone. For example: place a stone near to your mouth and take deep breaths, or by singing songs.

 Wear the stone and go in park or in open environment. By going outside or in sunlight the crystal become recharge or activate and comes back to its natural state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important to cleanse the stone daily?

No, it is not important. You should cleanse the stone once in a month.

What is the best method to cleanse crystal?

It totally depends on you. Use the method in which you can do your best.

How can I figure out that stone is cleansed?

The stone becomes bright. It looks shinny and you feel energetic.

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