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Chestnut-fronted Macaw


Chestnut-fronted macaws can be found within Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. They are found in a range of habitats, such as secondary forests swamps, swamps, flooded forests and humid lowland forest.

Physical Description

Chestnut-fronted macaws are green , and are spotted with red and blue in their wings. Their faces are white, with the chestnut brown patch just over their beaks that are black. birds facts The plumage is excellent camouflage in arboreal habitats.

Interesting BiologyChestnut-fronted macaws are able to live for at least 40 years. Their main predators are boa constrictors and human beings.

The birds construct

nests in trees that are near to water. They lay up to 4 eggs per day. The period of incubation is between 22 to 26 days and fledglings begin to fly within three months.During the breeding season, the birds will usually be often seen flying in pairs at other times in the year, they fly in small groups.

Chestnut-fronted macaws are commonly utilized as pets since they are tiny, fast learners, and extremely adaptable. However, they can be extremely noisy.hestnut-fronted macaws have been classified as Least Concern (LC) on the IUCN Red List of threatened species.


The birds are primarily fed seeds, nuts, fruits, berries and flowers.also known as the Giant Cowbird (Scaphidura oryzivora) is smaller than the female oropendola.  Are Birds Mammals? They are brood parasites, meaning they make their own eggs in nests of other birds. Female oropendolas will spend her time feeding the chicks of cowbirds, however the chicks of cowbirds eat the larvae and eggs of botflies from the chicks of

oropendola, which means more chicks of oropendola are able to survive. Oropendolas living in trees that are protected from bees or wasps do not require the chicks of cowbirds, therefore they prevent cowbirds from making nests or later taking the eggs of cowbirds out of their nests. If they aren’t nesting in a tree that is inhabited by bees or wasps they are able to allow cowbird eggs to nest in their nests. This is vital for the survival of the oropendola,


Macaws with chestnut fronts are 15.6-19 inches in height and weigh 10.7-13.5 pounds. Its tail length is double that of their body.

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