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Exploring the Impact of Distracted Driving In Bicycle Accidents

Bicycles have become a popular choice for a commute. They offer an affordable and eco-friendly option. However, they also present vulnerabilities when you have to share the road with bigger vehicles. With bicycles increasing on the road, the possibility of distracted cycling also increases. Distracted driving is the cause of many bicycle accidents today. 

Some places have designated areas for cycling, while others do not. You may want to avoid going near faster, heavier, and bigger vehicles, but you may have to face them eventually. Unfortunately, not many drivers are vigilant when driving around cyclists. If you have been in a bicycling accident, consult with RSH Legal – Iowa Personal Injury Lawyers today. 

Looking at the numbers: Impact of distracted driving on cyclists

Distracted driving is a serious threat to all people, including the cyclists. This is evident by the 99 deaths caused by distractions in 2022 while operating a bicycle. The lack of attention from drivers on the road leads to a significant number of traffic collisions every year. Taking measures to address this issue is essential for the safety of all road users. 

How do these accidents unfold?

Each accident is unique, making it challenging to pinpoint the exact causes. Nevertheless, some common scenarios in which accidents occur include: 

  • Failing to yield the right of way. These accidents occur when a vehicle and a cyclist collide at a 90-degree angle within an intersection.
  • Sideswiping. When a vehicle comes too close to a cyclist and hits them from the side.
  • The right hook. This happens when a vehicle is on the right side of a cyclist and suddenly turns left without giving a signal. 
  • The door prize. When a parallel-parked car opens its door on the side of the door without checking, and hits a cyclist moving on the path. 

Why does distracted driving cause accidents?

Distracted driving is dangerous for the obvious reasons. However, to be specific, distracted driving reduces reaction time. If you keep looking at your phone, you won’t have enough time to press the brakes when a vehicle pops in front of you. Another reason is blind spots. Not paying full attention on the road increases the risk of missing drivers in blind spots. 

Near-death experiences, even without resulting in an accident, can be deeply unsettling for anyone. 

Obeying traffic laws is a shared responsibility for all individuals using the road. Reduce your distractions and make safety a priority. An attorney can help you navigate your distracted driving claim. 

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