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Ever wonder why he has problems with his knees. Let’s take a look at his move repertoire. The Knee Face buster and Knee Trembler are his options. He also has the Pedigree, Running Knee Drop, Diving Knee Drop, and Pedigree. He could injure his knee if he fails to do so. As long as he does not blame other superstars, he can injure his knee. His Pedigree was a good one back then. It just looks different now. Although it doesn’t look nearly as good now, His Spinebuster still looks excellent.
Move that doesn’t involve your knees. Wait, I am going overboard. His finishers are what I’m referring to. He is not worthy of being a regular. He is overrated, and he is boring at the mic. His D-X days with X-Pac Road Dogg, Chyna and H.B.K. were great. Triple H is not as good today. He isn’t good enough to win wrestling belts a favorable vote.

This is how I could put it. Well, umm. This was his most shady ploy. While I know that most people will be mad at me for saying this, I’m sorry. Chuck Palumbo (or Orton fired him too) pulled off an excellent motorcycle gimmick. The Undertaker is way better. The Undertaker’s finisher is The Hell’s Gate. It is interesting to see what they do with their streak. It would be too obvious and not surprising if Kane ends it. It is also something I hope that none of my regulars will end it. It is not up to you who I want it to end. John Morrison and Vance Archer, Dolphy Ziggler. William Regal, Zack Ryder. Cody Rhodes. Ted DeBiase. Chris Masters. Shad. Here are some examples of signature moves that can make your opponent look stronger. John Morrison’s Shooting Star Press and Triple H’s Spinebuster.

There are many more, but I won’t make a huge list. Ted DeBiase is the one I believe will end it. It is not my first choice, but it’s better than any other option. He’s boring in the ring and on the mic. His promos are the same. Except for his opponents, his matches are the same. What is the last time he lost a one on 1 round by pin submission? I would love to see what would happen in the cage match between John Cena and Undertaker. I’m curious to see who W.W.E. will win. W.W.E. gets a -1 for The Undertaker.

I don’t mean to be negative, but the spear is an excellent wwe replica belts move for his gimmick (as mentioned earlier). He gets shots all the time, which I don’t like. It’s almost as if he was hurt for a while, and then he returns to get a shot. But who knew? I was hoping he would not return to the Royal Rumble. It is hard to imagine who would have won had he not returned, but it would have been a regular. He should finish matches with his Dejection or Edge-O-Matic. He should use those two moves to end conflicts. What is signature moves? To make your opponent appear firmer.

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