What Is SIM Swapping? How to Protect Your Smartphone

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You might wonder how this could happen. “SIM swapping” is getting more popular among cybercriminals.

What is SIM swapping?

Someone can steal your cell phone number by swapping SIM cards. It occurs when a criminal persuades your cell phone carrier to move your phone number to their SIM card, a little plastic chip inside a mobile device that instructs it which phone number to use.

What exactly is a SIM swap strike?

Stealing your identification becomes reasonably simple once a burglar gets your cell number. Although your phone number is generally linked to your bank, emails, and social network accounts, this is a good idea. Scam artists who have your phone number could try to enter into these accounts and hijack the verification codes intended to be delivered to your phone! Once inside, the wrong people can empty your bank accounts, apply for credit in your signature, and trawl your email contacts to defraud your friends and relatives.

Wait, how easy is it for my mobile number to be stolen?

Princeton’s early research investigated 5 major U.S. smartphone operators to see how simple it is to carry off a SIM swap scam. They were frighteningly successful, completing 39 fake SIM swaps in Fifty tries. What does this suggest? When it comes to your cell phone number, the chances are stacked against you.

What are the telltale indicators of a SIM swap scam?

If you detect a few of the following alert indicators, contact your cell phone company right away:

Even with superb coverage, there are no mobile phone services.

It’s time to contact your carrier if your cell phone misses service or if you can’t pick up calls or messages despite clear coverage.

Having your online account on your phone immediately closes off.

If you suddenly locate yourself locked out of your phone service’s online account, inform your mobile carrier right away— a SIM change could be the culprit.

Alerts from phone services for activities you didn’t do.

Be first on the lookout for any suspicious activity notifications. When something unusual happens with your account, most mobile carriers will tell you.

If you think you’ve been a subject of a SIM swap fraud, contact your mobile provider and explain that you can’t find any modifications to your account. You should also get your bank and inquire about any not yours activity. It’s also good to sign up for a trustworthy credit monitoring service. (At Saudi National Bank, we provide an Importance Checking account with credit monitoring and identity theft protection.) 

How to avoid SIM switching:

To avoid falling subject to SIM switch scam, take these extra precautions:

Your phone number should be locked with your service provider.

Most providers offer a “Phone Block” (also known as a “Port Freeze”) to secure your cell phone number from being transferred without your permission. Once a phone is locked, it cannot be migrated to another line or provider unless the lock is removed – commonly by entering a Passcode or personally stepping into the retailer. It’s a great idea to obtain extra security if your mobile provider enables it.

Limit your online sharing of private data.

Fraudsters will focus on the tiniest aspects to persuade your provider that they will be yours. Avoid making your full title, location, contact details, and actual age public. Also, avoid oversharing private information on social media. These facts are likely to have been included in the online security inquiries used to authenticate your identity.

Don’t be fooled by phishing emails, messages, or phone calls.

Cybercriminals frequently use phishing communications to obtain personal details. Criminals often attempt to imitate renowned organizations, assuming that you will gladly answer their questions or investigate their emails. Your bank, the law, and respected health care providers will never reach you out of the blue to request personal details. Contact the organization on your behalf rather than hanging up or deleting the message.

Sturdy passwords and security codes should be used.

To secure your mobile phone’s internet account, create a new passcode that is almost difficult to remember and has at least 12 elements (and all of your online accounts, for that matter). Use identification queries that even close friends would struggle to answer.

When feasible, apply Face/Touch ID verification.

Use mobile applications that allow two-factor fingerprints (Face/Touch ID) anytime feasible. For instance, you can use a biometric scanner or face identification as a signup requirement on the Saudi National Bank Android Application. Even thieves with your mobile number will be unable to reproduce your biometric data.

How Does Efani Protect You From SIM Swaps?

Efani’s Preventative Plan.

“11-layer” and “military-grade” is how Efani defines its SIM swap avoidance system. While the process’s exact specifications aren’t revealed, Efani maintains a watch out for standard SIM switching strategies, and consumers who want to swap SIM cards must undergo numerous processes. A multi-week obligatory waiting time is included in those stages. There will be no one point of weakness in this procedure. Before any SIM switch can occur, many individuals of the Efani team must log off.

Changing Incentives.

SIM swapping can be simply avoided if a provider is prepared to make the method inconvenient. The majority of providers are unwilling to do so. Only a small percentage of ordinary people are aimed at by sophisticated criminals. To make the client quality significantly better for many customers, most providers ignore protections that would secure a small number of consumers. Efani takes a different approach than most others. It will be difficult to swap a SIM card with Efani. That is, after all, the purpose.

Efani also flips the traditional responsibility expenses and advantages. If you’re a client of a top provider and your SIM is exchanged, and you miss a lot of cash, your provider is unlikely to pay the bill or suffer the most significant image blow. Efani’s entire image, on the other hand, is built on avoiding SIM swaps. Efani will lose a lot of trusts if the firm enables a user’s SIM to be changed. Efani also offers benefits that might help lessen the consequences of a successful assault.

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