What is Indian Visa Application Process?

Government of India has made the Online Indian Visa Application or Indian e-Visa Application Process simple, easy, online, you will received e-Visa India by email. This is authoritative coverage of all details you need to know about this Online Indian Visa Application Process.

The Indian Visa is now no longer available just in the traditional paper format applying for which is quite a hassle as among other things that you have to visit your local Indian Embassy to obtain the Indian Visa. Now, Government of India has made is easier than ever, and there is also an electronic or INDIAN VISA APPLICATION PROCESS available which can be applied for online very easily. This has made visiting India very convenient for international travelers who have to go through a very simple Indian Visa Application Process to be granted the Indian e-Visa. Whether it is for the purpose of tourism, sightseeing, and recreation, or for business, or for medical treatment, the India Visa Application Form for all of these types of e-Visas (e-Visa India Online) is quite easy to fill out. Following this guide on the India Visa Application Process you can apply for the Indian e-Visa online right here.

Broadly the categories of Indian e-Visa are Indian Tourist e-VisaIndian Business e-VisaIndian Medical e-Visa and Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa.

Before Filling the Online India Visa Application Form:

Before you fill out the INDIAN VISA PASSPORT REQUIREMENTS Form you should know the eligibility conditions for the e-Visa (e-Visa India Online). You’ll only be able to apply for the Indian e-Visa if you meet all of these eligibility conditions.

  • You need to be a citizen of any one of the 180+ countries whose citizens are eligible for the Indian Visa.
  • The purpose of your visit has to be either tourism, business, or medical.
  • You can only be entering the country only through certain authorized Immigration Check Posts which include 28 airports and 5 seaports.
  • Meet the eligibility conditions specific to the kind of e-Visa you are applying for which depends on the purpose of your visit to India.
  • Additionally, you should also make sure you have ready all of the documents and information that you will be required to provide while applying for the Indian e-Visa. Read here about the Indian e-Visa (e-Visa India Online) photo requirements

Documents You’ll Have to Provide While Applying for the Indian e-Visa:

No matter the kind of e-Visa you are applying for, you will need to provide soft copies of the following documents:

  • An electronic or scanned copy of the first (biographical) page of the visitor’s passport, which must be the standard Passport, and which must remain valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into India, otherwise you would need to renew your passport.
  • A copy of the visitor’s recent passport-style colour photo (only of the face, and it can be taken with a phone), a working email address, and a debit card or a credit card for the payment of the application fees.
  • A return or onward ticket out of the country.
  • Requirements specific to the kind of e-Visa you are applying for:
    • Business Card for Indian e-Visa for Business

The India Visa Application Process in Detail:

Once you have everything required you can apply for the Indian e-Visa. You should apply at least 4-7 days before your flight or entry into the country as it takes 3-4 days for the Visa request to be approved. The entire process is online and you would not have to go the Indian Embassy in your country for any reason. You can straight away to go the Airport or Cruise ship terminal after acquiring Indian e-Visa (e-Visa India Online) by email at your address.

Here is the whole India Visa Application Process in steps:

  • You have to fill the Indian Visa Application Form and submit it online.
  • You will need to provide personal details, Passport details, character and past criminal offence details. Make sure that the details from your Passport that you manually enter in the application form match exactly the details that are shown on your Passport.
  • You will also have to upload a passport-style picture of your face, which should be in accordance with the specifications laid down by the Government of India. These specifications can be readhere.
  • After this you can make the payment using the currency of any of the 135 countries whose currency is allowed. You can use a credit card, debit card, or Paypal in order to do this.
  • After the payment in most cases details about your family, parents, and spouse will be asked. You will also be asked to provide additional information based on the purpose of your visit and the kind of Visa you are applying for.

For the Tourist e-Visa, you might be asked for proof of being in possession of sufficient money to fund your trip to and stay in India.

For the Business e-Visa, you will have to provide your business card or email signature, and website address, details about the Indian organization you will be visiting, and an invitation letter from the said company.

For the Medical e-Visa, you will have to provide a letter from the Indian hospital you will be getting medical treatment from and answer any questions about the same.

For the Medical Attendant e-Visa, you will have to provide the details of the Visa of the patient that you would be accompanying.

You’ll have to provide all of this information through a secure link sent to your email.

  • In most cases the decision for your Visa will be made within 3-4 days and if accepted you will get your electronic Visa online. You will have to carry a soft copy of a print of this e-Visa with you to the airport.

As you can see, the Indian Visa Application Form and the entire Online Indian Visa Application process is quite simple and straightforward and you shouldn’t have any difficulty with it. If, however, you require any clarifications you should contact Indian e-Visa Help Desk for support and guidance. Government of India has made the process convenient. Citizens of United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany besides other 180+ nationalities are eligible.

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