Use Digital Signage Solutions in Your Business

5 Creative Ways to Use Digital Signage Solutions in Your Business

The digital signage industry has come a long way from the days of tiny screens and out-of-date content playing on endless loops. These days, digital signage solutions are part of more comprehensive marketing strategies, helping businesses create memorable experiences with their brand at crucial customer touch points like the lobby, elevators, and restrooms. Digital signage solutions have become more dynamic and are changing how people engage with businesses across various industries. Here are five creative ways to use digital signage solutions in your business.

1) Establish A Sense Of Place

When we first opened, we couldn’t afford an innovative digital signage player or software, but seeing how many people stopped by was enough. But as we started growing and wanted to invest more into our store experience, we realized it would be worth investing in this type of marketing tool.

We eventually decided on a digital signage player so customers could see what was happening at any time.

2) Create Brand Advocates

Digital signage is an increasingly popular marketing tactic. The digital signage player can be plugged into any screen with HDMI capabilities, so all it takes is a few clicks, and you can display your content across screens of various sizes and formats. Digital signage software is accessible from the cloud or on-premise. To get started creating your brand advocates with our digital signage solutions, check out some of these creative ideas below!

 Take your guests on a virtual tour: Letting guests walk through their dream vacation home before they even step in the door has increased sales by up to 20%. Take this strategy one step further by allowing them to view it on their own time using digital signage. Create signs that loop through scenes of your property, enticing guests along their virtual tour with captivating visuals and personalized offers that are sure to sell more than homes without this treatment.

3) Generate Leads & Sales

Whether for branding or advertising, digital signage software is a great way to get your name and message out there. Here are five creative ways you can use this innovative technology in your business: 1) Run Promotions, 2) Company Introductions, 3) A Loyalty Program, 4) Menu Boards 5) Product Displays.

4) Build Loyalty Among Customers

What’s the secret to keeping customers coming back? Showing them, they’re appreciated. One way you can do this is by providing personalized discounts or loyalty incentives they can see while browsing. Another tactic is digital signage software. This may seem a no-brainer because most people think of digital signage as just scrolling messages, but digital signage software has much more potential.

5) Engage Employees To Optimize The Customer Experience

Employees are the backbone of any business. Being an employee at a company is about more than what we do for an eight-hour shift; it’s about understanding the company and delivering our best daily work. When employees feel engaged and have ownership over what they do, they’re happier, more productive, and committed to providing a great customer experience. As a result, these employees translate into better customer experiences at any business’s heart.

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