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How Digital Marketing Works? and Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital marketing strategy is defined as “the planning and execution of activities designed to create customer value through digital channels”. In simple words, it means using various digital platforms to promote a business and reach its customers. The concept of digital marketing is not new at all; however, it is only recently that we have seen a huge shift in how people are engaging with brands online. In fact, according to recent statistics released by Google, about 8 out 10 internet users access online content via a mobile device. If you want to learn about the best website development company in ahmedabad then click here.

How Digital Marketing Works?

Digital marketing refers to a wide variety of marketing activities conducted online. From email marketing to social media marketing, digital marketing includes a range of tasks. Most companies use some type of online marketing whether it’s paid search advertising, display ads, SEO, PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, or social media sites. However, when we say “digital marketing” outside the context of search engine optimization, many people think about online advertising only. The truth is, however, that the term “digital” has become much broader than simply online marketing. In today’s modern world, even offline behaviors are considered forms of digital marketing. For example, emailing someone instead of calling them is often viewed as digital marketing.

Types Of Digital Marketing

There are two primary types of digital marketing: “offline” and “online.” Offline marketing encompasses all traditional methods of advertising that do not involve the Internet – such as television, radio, newspapers, point-of-sale materials, etc. Online marketing, on the other hand, involves any marketing activity carried out through electronic channels – including emails, websites, blogs, mobile apps, etc. While both forms of marketing are useful, each offers unique advantages depending on the objectives of the particular business. The biggest advantage of online marketing over offline marketing is that you have the opportunity to reach a global audience instantly. 

For businesses that rely heavily on consumers traveling abroad, it may make sense to focus on reaching those international audiences. Another major advantage of online marketing is that you can test different messages at relatively low cost compared to other forms of advertising. You can always adjust what you’re saying to fit the target market. Finally, online marketing is more measurable than offline marketing. If you manage to track how many people click on an ad or visit your website, then you know exactly who came from that campaign. As opposed to conventional advertising where the goal is to get people to remember your brand, the goal of online marketing is to actually capture their attention and hopefully convert them into customers.

Why Companies Use Digital Marketing?

Companies use digital marketing for a number of reasons. Many companies find that they need to promote their products and services to attract new business. Others simply want to increase awareness about their company name and its products. Regardless of the reason, digital marketing provides a powerful way to communicate information about a company to potential clients.

Some Reasons To Advertise On Social Media Sites

According to HubSpot research, 93% of buyers begin researching products and services using Google. And while Facebook claims that 1/3 of US adults log onto Facebook daily, Twitter states that it’s 2 million users per day. That means you need to advertise on these two platforms if you don’t already have a strong presence on either site. Let’s examine each platform individually in more detail.

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Facebook Advertising

A huge percentage of internet users spend time browsing Facebook. That makes it nearly impossible for you to ignore this platform. While some marketers believe that Facebook ads are an option only for small businesses and startups, Facebook ads can deliver effective results for all kinds of businesses.

Social media sites are great places for promoting your product or service. By uploading images, writing text, and sharing links, you’ll get more exposure for your business. But keep in mind that you’re competing with everyone else posting content on the network. Your best bet is to create engaging posts that provide value to your followers, and don’t sell too hard. Remember, quality is still better than quantity.

YouTube Videos

If you own an eCommerce store, promoting videos can be extremely helpful in bringing more traffic back to your store. According to data submitted by YouTube, 94% of viewers watch videos on a smartphone or tablet device. Therefore, having a video on your channel is likely to help bring in more visitors.

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