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What is The Need for Long-term Care Planning?- Understand the Facts

We may not know how healthy we will be in our old age. These things are unpredictable and need to b eplanned so that they don’t cause anxiety and depression in your 40s or 50s. if you think about losing the capability of carrying out daily activities, you will be frightened because no one can tell you what the future holds. Therefore, it is suggested to get in touch with Keystone Elder Law because they can educate you on what kind of long-term care planning is required.

Why do you need long-term planning?

After the pandemic, people have become more conscious about how their health and financial condition will be in their time of need. It is an important part of financial planning. Some of the key points are elaborated on below:

Understand the warning signs

When you realize that you are unable to perform daily activities without the help of anyone else, you must consider opting for long-term care planning. These activities may be categorized as instrumental activities of daily living such as housekeeping activities, taking medicines, shopping for the household, managing money and communicating via email or phone.

Another category is known as activities of daily living such as bathing, eating and dressing. If a person is unable to perform all by himself, he must plan it.

Challenges for the married people 

It is difficult for one or both partners to look after one another in a time of need. The reason is that they lose their strength as they age. They might not have their children with them because they are away to pursue their careers and other dreams. Several scenarios can be taken into account as mentioned below:

  • One partner may be able to look after another partner if he or she is healthy and willing.
  • If the disabled partner has fallen down but the healthy partner does not have the strength to pick him or her up, they must consider opting for long-term care.
  • Both partners are unable to perform daily activities such as bathing, toileting, brushing and dressing. In such a case, they both need assistance.
  • Due to the demise of one partner, another becomes dependent on others. 

All of these situations in life create problems for old people. It is significant to understand its importance in advance and plan it with the help of professionals in your town. 

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