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The Most Common SEO Ranking Factors    

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It is noted that almost every site owner is looking ahead to making their site visible on the first page of the SERP of Google. Each marketer wishes to understand the varied kinds of ranking factors of SEO that places your site ahead of those present. Therefore, these days, we start analyzing these algorithms of Google affecting the ranking of the site on SERP, and you can take help from SEO Perth services even to rank higher.

1. Prescribing the best Domains

It may have appeared that each of the site’s domains is HTTPS or HTTP from the start. However, it gets displayed whenever the site runs under unsecured or secured servers.

HTTP means the hypertext transfer protocol, while HTTP also means the same, although the last s of HTTP stands for the security portion. It is free and is achieved from every domain hosting; however, it is chargeable charging subscription costs annually.

2. Backlinks

The backlinks or the hyperlinks are the links that should take you to the other locations from a completely varied location that aids you in creating the feel of trust for the sights of Google and visitors. While asking whatever is vital for Google rankings becomes the real question.

It often proves the sites have the best content that the audiences can rely on. In recent times, online marketers have started to purchase these links; however, it is considered the black hat technique whenever Google locates them while penalizing the site that bans them.

3. Keywords

Optimizing the keywords is the ancient factor that starts to dominate their site’s ranking by a massive margin. There are varied kinds of keywords, including exact matches, broader matches, phrase matching, and long-tailed. These are the keywords being used to match the business and content.

Google crawler helps to keep an eye on the site by watching over it constantly whenever these keywords match the content presented on the site. You can even use the keywords on the graphics, videos, and images.

4. Content

Irrespective of the number of links added to the site, the content is never relevant whenever the flow of the content helps to make the user confusing. Even the call-to-action buttons are not kept in the best position while Google fails to know the site while displaying them on the SERP.

One should use the right type of grammar, sub-headings, heading, and bold letters to specify a few of the vital texts, font sizes, and the faces of the font based on the user’s point of action through the key.

5. Site Architecture

The site’s building is in a manner that Google understands as it never matters whether you are building a new site or giving a recent makeover to the existing one. The content across every page is categorized and sub-categorized based on the point of view of the viewer. Each URL consists of a clearer string of texts attached to it with every category and sub-categories on the URLs separated with the use of slash or hyphens that clarifies the readers.

6. Schema Markup

The main component of the website is the schema markup. Whenever you tag all the things, including the headings, content, links, images, and other related texts, there are better chances for your site to get higher rankings on the search engines. You may not require markup for each data available online as it is better to use the schema for better results.

7. Mobile Friendly Website

Whenever you use an older version of the design for the website, it supports the desktops and fits the desktop screen, while your site may not receive better traffic. Ensure that the site appears the same across the mobile and desktops. The size and font of the content should have better visibility on desktops and mobile screens. Use “CTA or call to action” buttons at the distinctive locations not placed differently across mobile-friendly platforms.

8. Handling social media influences

Whenever the content exists on social media handles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., it can aid in creating a stronger feeling for the brand of your visitor’s mind. These social media platforms are linked to the search engines whenever a search is made for the relevant keywords results that are related to the social media platforms using the site’s content as it aids in driving the organic traffic towards you.

9. Website loading speed

Generally, the normal sites take about three to four seconds to upload their content entirely. Whenever it fails to open within a maximum of 5 seconds, there are surely a few problems related to the site.

The site loading speed plays the most significant part in the ranking. The readers are not patient enough to wait about 10 seconds to locate the content whenever it is consuming more time than the rest of the sites, and they switch to the other websites, thereby affecting the page’s traffic.

10. Tags

Tags are the generic terms designed for the pieces of data. You will find varied kinds of tags in SEO:

·        Title tags are the ones that represent the website name while being searched on SERP. The blue font that is clickable denotes the title tags of the site. It should match the content present on the site and should have about 30 to 40 characters.

·        The image alt tags are used for images since Google does not know the image unless it consists of a few linked tags. These are the tags that have keywords relevant to the site’s content.

·        The meta description is used as summaries of the site and has the opportunity to attract a greater number of audiences. It is concluded within 70 to 80 characters and gets filled using the relevant URLs and keywords.

The role of Google ranking factors

Various sites are created daily, and every site owner makes their best efforts to help stand them in the right places for Google. You may identify several factors; however, whenever you are not aware of the algorithms updated whenever Google wishes to follow while missing the opportunity to create the site go-to.

Whenever you are operating online businesses and your site fails, appearing on the initial page of the SERP while you start losing customers. Therefore, to help increase the website ranking in the SERP, it is vital to stay updated with varied factors.

Final Notes

Various factors are important to help with the ranking factors as used by the SEO Perth services. Every facet included here is of greater importance to the target of SEO, and these factors help to upgrade the site’s ranking and help to reduce the bounce rates and boost traffic.

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