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How to Make Your Social Media Videos Go Viral?

In the world, there are a lot of people using social media and their videos on trends, do you know what makes a video viral or trending? The concept of the clips (Short videos) is the most important factor which makes the video goes viral. The new best short video earning app is PICKZON where you can create videos easily & get your short videos viral. 

Firstly, we will going to learn about what is viral videos? Viral videos are those clips (Short videos) that are no. 1 on social media. Viral videos are not only for lip-sync videos, singing, and dancing but also for creative videos such as a person is doing the drawing, and showing others’ skills in short videos. The video went viral because of the uniqueness and creativity of your video, it is very useful for your clips to go viral.

Nowadays getting the views & likes easily but going viral is still difficult, but with some easy steps your clips will go viral: 

Concept of the video:

The most important point which let your video go viral is Concept. Now the world makes the ring a bell in your mind about what kind of concept will help your video to go viral. The concept of the video should be logical & acceptable as if the viewers watch that they should feel attracted to your videos. According to your target audience, and their needs to know, you should create clips. 

Positive messages:

The clips (Short videos) you are making should be positive, as the audience is already in stress out with their work or their lives, so giving positive vibes to your audience will let your video go viral.

Truth & fact-based:

In the clip, the story you are showing the audience should be true & fact-based. The audience likes to watch reality rather than Fake or imaginary concepts.

Emotional videos:

Making a connection with the audience is important to stay on social media. And the best way to connect with your viewer is emotional, make your audience think about your videos twice or more. Make the content relatable so that viewers will feel connected with your videos.

Now you have the curiosity to know about that which types of videos you can create & which types of going viral these days? It is hard to say which type of videos went viral but mostly comedy or emotional videos are going viral these days. The reason behind videos going viral is also up to your creativity in the video.

Here is the list of some kinds of the types that help your video to go viral:

Comedy videos:

After a hectic day, the audiences want to laugh more, if you make comedy clips the audience attract to your clips.

Knowledgeable or Informative:

As a human everyone has the curiosity to know more about the things they don’t know. So informative kinds of videos will help your audience to gain knowledge & also help you to go viral. 

Challenge videos:

Have you ever seen 2 best friends’ conversations, they have so much fun in their talks & also when they laugh it is fun to see. Just like that, you can make challenge videos with your friends & make the audience laugh. 

Animal’s video:

In the young generation animals also have social media accounts, and animal lovers love to watch animal videos and some of them went viral.

PickZon is the best social media app where your clip will get viral & many other benefits you get: 

  • If you go viral with your account, you may use that following to build a connection with your viewers in your future videos.
  • If your business account goes viral, you’re more likely to get followers, which will boost sales and grow your community.
  • A viral video is an obvious sign of success. It tells you what your audience responds to.
  • Take that as a sign and follow it. It’s fine to use the same video format once again.

On Pickzon, getting a verified account is simple. To be eligible for the verification tick, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A user account should be authentic or genuine brands.
  • A user account must be public and have at least 1000 followers.
  • The engagement rate for each post should be 10%.

You’ll be eligible for verification once you’ve met the requirements.

The above points are not just for short videos, if you are creating long videos, you can get help through these points to go viral.

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