Your Online Reputation Affects Your Search Engine Ranking

Many companies do not realize how negative reviews, posts, and videos can impact their search engine ranking. Google and other search engines have offered information on how negative comments affect rank, but there is still much misunderstood. Understanding how negative reputations affect rank will help companies overcome the negativity.

Search Engines Rely on An Array of Factors to Determine Ranking

One of the main reasons companies seek search engine reputation management is because of the uncertainty of their online reputation. When a company has a poor online reputation, it can affect every aspect of the business, including its search engine ranking.

While one bad review is likely not going to affect a company’s search engine ranking, multiple ones can and often will. For instance, there was an eyeglasses business owner who was using intimidation and threats to bully people who wanted to return purchases. Instead of causing this company’s ranking to tank, the owner’s tactics boosted his ranking. With a higher rank came increased sales. When Google saw this occurring, they implemented a new strategy to help protect their users from companies with poor reputations.

Tips for Improving an Online Reputation

In addition to hiring a professional reputation manager, companies can also make an effort to improve their online reputation. Consider the following steps to begin seeing positive results.

Being transparent at all times is essential for businesses. If an issue arises with an employee or customer, being transparent with their customers will help companies avoid negativity. Consumers appreciate companies that keep them in the know.

Increasing their communication efforts and engagement will help companies form relationships with their customers. Something as simple as liking a tweet about the company goes a long way.

If a poor review arises, companies must respond with a genuine and caring approach. One of the worst things a company can do is respond with a robotic strategy. Be genuine, and let the reviewer know the company cares and wants to make things right.

Gaining their customers’ trust is essential for any company’s reputation. It takes a concerted effort to improve customer trust. Trust is built with one action at a time.

Doing something new or creative will also help companies improve their online reputations. Hosting a community picnic or donating to charity can help companies improve their online reputation, presence, and search engine rank.

Hire the Right Professional

Most companies need professional help with their online reputations. Getting professional help allows business owners to focus on running their businesses and serving their customers without having to worry about their reputations.

In addition to helping improve search engine result rank, reputation managers also monitor the reputation of their clients to take care of any issues the moment they arise. A company’s reputation cannot be improved overnight. With a concerted effort, businesses will find many advantages, including increased sales, improved rank, and a more positive view of the company by customers.

Reach out today to learn more about these valuable services. With reputation managers, your company’s reputation will improve and lead to greater success.

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